Are you nuts about everything Harry Potter? Do you prefer riding a broomstick to travelling by airplane? Do you prefer Quidditch to Cricket? Do you flay your arms aimlessly because you want to summon some object but don’t have a wand to cry Accio? Do you often wonder where your Hogwarts letter went? Do you prefer the books to the movies?

If all the above is affirmative, then chances are that you will be hyperventilating by the end of this article. 

Behold some of the coolest Potter jewellery the Internet has to offer! You can also acquire these by ordering them from their respective sites through Bored Panda.

1. Deathly Hallows tunnel piercings 

2. Golden Snitch earrings 

3. Wand necklaces

4. Harry’s Scar nosepin 

5. Harry Potter books bracelet

6. Felix Felicis necklace

7. Harry’s Lightning-Bolt Scar necklace

8. Sorting Hat necklace

9. Sorting Hat earrings

10. Deathly Hallows friendship bracelets 

11. Seeker and Snitch ear climber

12. Hermione’s Time Turner necklace

13. Deathly Hallows pocket watch

14. Scar, Specs and Broomstick ring

15. Scar, Specs and Deathly Hallows ring

16. Harry’s broomstick necklace

17. Deathly Hallows bracelet and ring

18. Molly’s watch

19. Hogwarts necklaces

20. Platform 9 3/4 earrings

21. Harry Potter bracelet

22. Hogwarts necklace

23. Mischief Managed ring

24. Azkaban Prison XY390 necklace

25. Potion pendants 

26. Golden Snitch necklace pendant  

27. Tom Riddle’s diary and the Basilisk’s tooth necklace

28. Flying Key necklace

29. Golden Snitch earrings

30. Golden Snitch earrings

31. Triwizard Tournament Golden Egg necklace

32. Golden Snitch anklet/ bracelet

33. Marauder’s Map in a bottle necklace

34. Rowena Ravenclaw necklace

35. Patronus ring

36. Gryffindor necklace

37. Amorentia Bottle necklace

38. Broomstick necklace

39. Wingardium Leviosa bracelet

40. Felix Felicis necklace

41. Golden Snitch locket

42. Wizard Sweets necklaces

43. Deathly Hallows belly-button ring

44. Luna Lovegood’s Glasses necklace

45. Golden Snitch and Deathly Hallows charm bracelet

Sorcery, this is!

H/T: Bored Panda