Ranveer Allahbadia or Beer Biceps is a genre in himself, because there’s no one word that can describe his content. This is not at all mockery. In fact, I respect him for being able to mint money out of just saying things. Now people will say that I’m hating on him because I’m jealous, and that people actually watch his content. A) I never hid that. He has money, I don’t. Of course I’m jealous. B) There’s an audience for everything, doesn’t mean it’s great content.

Beer Biceps

Even then, again, Beer Biceps does what no one else is doing. His existential-fanboyish-pardafash podcasts are something you’d watch for their entirety – solely because there’s an entertaining element to them. Which means that even when he’s talking about aliens and death with his guests, in what mostly looks like a hostage situation, he gets us to watch him. Clearly, we need to learn from him.

Zomato CEO

In a recent podcast, he talked to the Zomato CEO, where a number of important points were raised. Given that the guest comes from a lot of experience, he opened up about his management style, hiring and other processes.

However, of course, Beer Biceps was still himself:

1. Facts don’t matter to him. He’s too cool for them.

While discussing the market for Zomato, he started talking about the strategy. He then confidently went on to say that Zomato is expanding into more countries. It isn’t. The thing is, a basic Google search would help one know these facts, but that’s not an integral part of running a podcast show. Be more like Ranveer. Just say things like they’re true.


2. If not podcasting, he’s therapizing.

Zomato apparently suffered during the pandemic – something that Deepinder Goyal shared. So, like any normal person, Beer Biceps went on to ask how that felt like. When the CEO awkwardly responded, he went on to therapize him – to find out more about his state of mind from that time. There’s always this point in podcasts, where he asks existential questions from his guests. Take notes: suck out the happiness from other people’s lives.

3. Logic is not one of his stronger suits. Let’s talk about aliens, instead?

He also thought that Zomato has to arrange food for customers….? I mean, I don’t even know what to say at this point. It’s like watching a 13-year-old ask questions about sex. You don’t know what to say and you have to say something, because he wouldn’t give up. Maybe be that to your guests, they may not return, but at least you got content.

4. If not podcasting and therapizing, he is forming a cult.

After a point, Beer Biceps asked the CEO what he was running away from. This was very open-ended, and I have a feeling he was expecting some tea. The answer, however, was very logical – something our podcaster is not a fan of. There is always one of these questions in his show, and it low-key feels like the starting point of a cult.

5. He’s always out to get other people’s secrets.

The one thing that I like about his podcasts is the fact that they can easily get too real. So he would ask very intrusive questions and say them in the most honest ways. So this time, he asked Deepinder Goyal if he’s collecting data, bhar-bhar ke. He puts people in the spot, it’s like he wants them to spill beans. Very pardafash of him.

6. Like I said, facts don’t matter when you’re THIS cool.

I have a feeling that Ranveer has never used Zomato, because if he had, he would know this. Or maybe he’s so rich that he doesn’t care for discounts. He’s not like us, he doesn’t have to work with math equations to order a thali. What I’m trying to say is, ignorance IS bliss.

7. He can be clingy, but that’s not the worst part.

This podcast show starts with him asking the CEO if he should call him bro or sir. So it starts with the guest getting all awkward. Ranveer goes on to say that he will call him bro. I think the trick is to make people so awkward that you have the upper hand for the entire time. It’s actually the most intelligent thing he does – if that is what he does.

8. Because he also asks the weirdest things.

Beer Biceps’ podcasts can never not be interesting, because anything can happen. Right after talking about the work culture at Zomato, he asked the CEO if he yells at people. It got weird to watch, as well. Weird, but also unstoppable – you wouldn’t want to pause. So while watching it can be fun, being on the show almost looks like a nightmare.

But get this, I’m changing sides when he figures out where aliens live.