I recently started listening to podcasts to gain some outlook. I wished to learn more about new and interesting things. However, thanks to our ‘podcast bros’, the only new thing I could learn was how to not make sense.

These podcasts make us wonder about how someone can lack basic logic and be absolutely misogynistic. In 2023, we came across some male podcasts that were both, insensitive and sexist, towards women.

This one might boil your blood so please, hold on tight!


1. BeerBiceps

I mean, we have to start with this, right? From asking whether women lose energy when they have sex to calling himself a vibrator for the soul, Ranveer Allahbadia has made us facepalm ourselves a bunch of times. 

In another one of his podcasts, he discussed Hitler and the impact that his politics created. He also mentioned that there are other evil people like the cruel dictator – who killed people. WHAT?

2. RealTalk

Deepak Chauhan, Shubham Gandhi and Piyush Gujjar – the hosts – have cited innumerable problematic things on their podcasts. It’s actually hard to believe that one can talk about rubbish things in front of their 781,000 subscribers.

In a particular podcast, the three invite another friend, Aman, to the episode. This friend, who had recently been to Russia, talked about his vacation. The man talked about everything from rates to women in the most objectionable manner. The host even goes on and says ‘chalke russian bahu le aate hai dono bhai’. 

3. Untriggered With Aminjaz

Amin Jazayeri, the host, is another podcaster who is extremely derogatory towards women. In fact, while listening to them closely, one can notice the mocking tones when speaking to the women guests.

In one of his podcasts, which is literally titled ‘Girls, Hook Ups, Relationships’, the host seems harmless in the beginning but is sexist. For example, the host, and his guests, started off the podcast by ‘rating’ the actor Janhvi Kapoor. Yeah, like she would care about your ratings, man!

4. Figuring Out With Raj Shamani

In one of his podcasts, Raj Shamani literally said that he ‘wants’ everyone to be able to make their decisions regardless of the influence of their family and the only way to do that is by getting off their parents’ payroll. 

In another episode, with Ron Malhotra, gave his half-baked opinions on feminism. The guest cited an example of a burning building and said:

“The expectation is that women should run out screaming and nobody’s going to say that you’re a coward, because that’s true. They’re doing what they’re supposed to do by default. There is an expectation on men, and I think it’s a rightful expectation, that we have to act with honor. Do you really expect that feminine men are going to run into that building? I don’t believe they will.”

No sir(s), and you are very wrong!


5. Shan Prasher

In one of his latest podcasts on Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal, the man calls the character’s behavior very ‘typical’ to a normal man. He goes and defends the character by saying that the scenes where the protagonist enters her sister’s college with guns to ‘protect’ her and when he threatens his brother-in-law are completely normal. 

He even said, “Agar ghar ka mard, kuch certain situations mein, masculine tareeke se behave nahi karta toh uske parivaar ke saath bahar kya kya ho sakta hain.”

It’s 2023 and these men are living proof of why women feel unsafe on the internet.