Kids who used to have cable growing up will probably not understand this. So kids these days with Netflix, Prime and all those streaming platforms will definitely not get what I am going to talk about. 

See, a colour TV back then used to have 12 channels max but we would get only 2! DD National- which was a slightly more grown-up channel by then standards, with really smart serials and documentaries and news would go on. 

Then there was DD Metro. That was for the kids!

I remember, after school, around 4-4:40ish, my mom would just switch DD Metro and I would just sit and start watching cartoons. 

Yeah, see us DD kids, we didn't really know about Pokemon or Beyblades or any of that. But we knew He-Man... 

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...Chip & Dale, Baloo from Tale Spin and such. And it this was the coolest time ever.

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Not just the cartoons, the channel aired some great shows too. Remember Raja Aur Rancho? They had some pretty epic stories to tell. 

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And I know for a fact that that I wanted Rancho as a friend. It was no Sherlock Holmes. Yes, that's right! Cos this was better. 

I mean, come on. Just look at that monkey!

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All those old shows from the 80s and 90s that we keep cribbing about- Tu Tu Main Main, Office Office, ALIBABA AUR 40 CHOR!

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BTW, it also used to air Captain Vyom at one point!

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Hey, anybody remembers Junior-G? Our first child superhero? He got his powers from biscuits, I think! It had some really cool episodes.  

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We also had shows like Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad, ShazaamDefenders of the EarthThundercats, Silver Hawks etc. 

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This was our routine. Come back from school, rush to change and eat so that we could have the TV in time for all the cartoons before our tuition teachers would pop in. 

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And then one fine day, I sat down in front of the TV at the right time, but there was some news going on. I assumed it was something to do with the parliament, as my dad watched it all the time. 

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I also assumed that the news would go away as it always did. Except, this time it stayed on all the time. It broke my heart to realise that DD News had replaced it. DD Metro was over. 

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We've all had some shitty things that have happened to us- breakups, the deaths of pets, people, loss of jobs but god damn, nothing has ever come close to hurting like the day DD Metro went away. 

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Now that I've totally bummed you out, please chill. Most of these shows can be found on Prime Video.