The internet is a magical place. Sometimes, hidden talents are discovered on social media that sweep us off our feet. Again, yet another talented soul was discovered, all thanks to the internet. 

A beggar from Patna has gone viral for fluently in speaking English and performing American musician Jim Reeves popular 1959 song “He’ll Have to Go.” Check it out. 

The video starts with the cameraperson asking Sunny Baba (that’s what he identifies himself as) a few questions about himself and what he does for a living, to which he responds in English with ease. 

Sunny joyfully says he begs for a living and loves singing and dancing during his spare time.

But, the real magic begins in the latter half of the video where Sunny Baba surprises all of us with his soulful voice and flawless singing skills.

We aren’t sure if this video is old or not since, you can notice the busy street behind him but, it was shared by a Twitter user on 20th April. 

Well, old or not we are damn impressed with Sunny Baba and we think he deserves all the love and attention he is receiving on social media. 

Here’s the original video of Jim Reeves ‘He’ll Have To Go’

Sunny Baba, you just made our day. And, you already have some legit fans.