R.L. Stine’s horror books, the Goosebumps series were a huge part of our childhood. And so was the TV show that came soon after, scaring the wits out of us. 


It’s time to get ready to re-live those childhood chills because Sony Pictures TV is teaming up with Neal H. Moritz once again, to give us a reboot of the live-action series. 


25 years after the original series premiered, the reboot has us excited for better effects and the creepy version we deserve. 

Goosebumps has been keeping kids and families on the edge of their seats for nearly 30 years and we’re very excited to partner with Sony Pictures Television and Neal H. Moritz to bring the enduring brand to life in a fresh new way for today’s generation.

-said Iole Lucchese, Scholastic Entertainment President


The idea of getting a reboot of our favourite horror series is giving us goosebumps! Until then, you can re-watch the 1995 series on Netflix and jog your memory.