When you’re rich and famous, life definitely runs in a different lane – one where if you end up dropping your super expensive laptop, to perhaps save your soy unicorn milk glitter coffee, then that’s perfectly acceptable. 

Because that’s exactly the image that actor Ben Affleck is presenting, with the way he is carrying his laptop – something that Twitter user, writer Amanda Rosenberg pointed out. 

And guess what, he’s not the only one. Rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Kanye West is also someone who thinks that a laptop only needs two-finger support. 

Naturally, Twitterati took no time in collectively commenting on the sense of ‘adventure’ of the rich and famous, and trying to come up with a ‘logical’ reason for why he was doing that to his very expensive laptop: 

Maybe I should finally remove that third layer of bubble wrap from my two-year-old laptop!