Lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya has been trolled extensively by people on the internet for getting TWO WORDS ‘wrong’ in the Kesariya song and it’s all extremely appalling to me. Firstly, there is no wrong in lyrics writing, from a creative point of view. Things are subjective. But, even if he did make a mistake, this incessant criticism is unwarranted. As also pointed out by many of his admirers, Amitabh has given the Hindi music industry some of its best songs in the last decade or so, and for that, we need to give him the respect he deserves. 

Here are 10 of his best works as a lyricist in our opinion, but the man’s contribution goes way beyond any list. 

The range, the versatility. Truly, one of the best of our times. 

Creatives: Sawan Kumari