A buddy cop movie is all about two wildly mismatched partners who develop a love-hate relationship but stick together to solve a big mystery together. From doing comedy sequences to blazing through a series of over-the-top action scenes, here is a list of our most favourite buddy cop duos over the years.   

1. Jai Dixit & Ali Khan – Dhoom 

As different as pizza and pickles, this pair has given us one of the best buddy cop duos in the movie industry with their entertaining characters. From riding bikes and perfecting disguises to catching bad guys, this duo has given us some major work buddies goals.

2. Jake Peralta & Charles Boyle – Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

There’s no doubt about the fact that the entire B99 gang is one big happy family and celebrates a number of great friendships. However, this duo stands apart from everyone else. From their hilarious comedy timing to their love for Die Hard, this pair is absolutely adorbs.  

3. Srikant Tiwari & JK Talpade – The Family Man 

From casually hanging and hogging spaghetti to risking their lives during tactical missions, this duo’s wit and chemistry seem to be on point every single time. This pair is not just co-workers on a mission, they are totally inseparable and the soul of the show.


4. Sherlock Holmes & John Watson – Sherlock 

This duo is inarguably one of the most brilliant buddy cop duos ever. From their hilarious inside jokes to their love for each other, this pair complements each other’s flaws. Based on complete trust, mutual respect and a shared interest in solving crime, this duo is the ultimate friendship goals.

5. Rosa Diaz & Amy Santiago – Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

With a refreshing take on female friendships, this show gave us this amazing duo. From pranking each other to supporting each other, they are always there for each other. While one plays the tough girl and the other plays the character of the cheesy nerd, they both always have each other’s back.

6. Karan Joglekar & Deepak Kumar – Main Khiladi Tu Anari 

With on-point on-screen chemistry and gripping action sequences, this duo was simply the friendship goals back in the day. Be it dancing on a groovy song or fighting the bad guys, this duo is still one of our favourites.


7. Martin Riggs & Roger Murtaugh – Lethal Weapon 

With the right concoction of humour and action, this classic duo develops a bond while uncovering a massive drug trafficking ring. With hilarious jokes and thrilling stunts, this movie is still fresh in our memory.

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8. Ashwin Kumar & Vedant Mishra – Talvar 

While one cop needs someone trustworthy in the force, the other becomes his confidant as they solve the double murder case. Although circumstances turn them against each other, they were still a brilliant buddy cop duo of tinsel town.

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9. Anant Kumar Shrivastav & Shekhar Verma – Khakee 

This charismatic duo teamed up once again to sprinkle some magic on the screen. With the right potions of fun and seriousness, the buddy cop duo was a treat to watch. They both share a great bond in real life and have amazing on-screen timing. 


10. Kabir Dhaliwal & Khalid Rahmani – War 

One of the most drool-worthy and talented on-screen buddy cop duos out there, this was their first movie together. With death-defying stunts and groovy dance numbers, this pair made our hearts skip a beat every time we saw them together on screen. 

Which duo do you ship the most?