Peaky Blinders might be over but Cillian Murphy is not going anywhere anytime soon. The Thomas Shelby actor has quite a few ambitious projects lined up. And while the Irish actor has been quite bold in his choice of work, this has not been the case with press conferences and interviews he’s had to give. 

1. The less people know about me, the better…

In an interview, Murphy was asked about being a very private person. The Irish actor was quick to reply that he never saw himself as a personality but as an actor. 

I just like to do the work… And that always seemed to me like the most sensible approach. I didn’t see myself as a personality. I see myself as an actor. I think those are two distinct jobs. And my job is to portray other people. The less that people know about me the better I can portray other people. That seems glaringly obvious and logical to me.

2. Murphy once also talked about how much he disliked interviews. 

Murphy is at a point in his career where he seems to be comfortable with the industry and the press that comes with it. But it was not very long ago that he dreaded press duties

I was very uncomfortable with this… The reductive nature nowadays of most journalism is very frustrating… It is getting absurd with the dumbing down, the level of questions you get asked.
Hollywood Reporter

3. That time Stephen Colbert asked him about Lucky Charms. 

I am surprised Colbert didn’t ask Murphy if he believed in leprechauns. Colbert kept badgering him about Irish stereotypes and Murphy kept answering them like we have to be polite to uncles and aunties at weddings. 

4. He says he’s too old for social media. 

With celebrities living under the fear of being cancelled for saying some problematic shit in their past, it is just so good to see someone non problematic, who also couldn’t care less for social media. Murphy doesn’t have a social media account and doesn’t seem like he plans on getting one either. 

5. Cillian Murphy also hates his haircut. 

The Thomas Shelby look looks dope because it’s set in the 1920-30s and the character is always wearing a three-piece suit and a peaky cap but imagine Cillian Murphy in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts on a beach with that ridiculous haircut. Imagine yourself. 

6. Cillian Murphy was really happy to put on the Val Kilmer Batman suit while auditioning for Batman Begins

Who wouldn’t? You know you would. To be fair, he would have made a great Bruce Wayne for Nolan as well. 

7. His reaction to his own meme i.e, ‘Disappointed Cillian Murphy meme’ was ‘What’s a meme’

How I envy the people who have no idea about social media? On being made aware of what a meme is and how he is a part of it, Murphy became really self-conscious and awkward. 

8. He just looks bored in a crowd. 

Just look at the poor man, being dragged to press conferences and such and getting asked the same questions over and over again. 

Let’s be honest, guys. We all wish we were more like him.