There’s few experiences as fun as sitting down with a bunch of popcorn, a soda, and an exciting-as-heck heist movie. I mean, I understand people have different definitions of fun, but that’s the kind of shit I like to do. And if you give it a try, you might too! Enjoy.

1. The Ocean’s Movies

Danny Ocean is the coolest cat you’ll ever see – just the right amount of smugness combined with heart to get your attention. Combined with a star cast including Matt Damon and Brad Pitt (another couple of smooth criminals), these films really made you wonder why we can’t all be slick to the point of disbelief. Ah, well. 


2. Logan Lucky

A criminally underrated movie with a stellar performance by Daniel Craig, Logan Lucky was a breath of fresh air when it first released. Not just because it came at a time when we were saturated with a bunch of mid-level sci-fi, but also because the film is just plain kooky. It’s about 2 bumbling brothers planning to rob a racing circuit. 


3. Money Heist

This Spanish show really changed the game, considering we’d never exactly seen a show with a premise such as this before. A group of criminals with nothing to lose plan to rob the Royal Mint of Spain, where they can print their own money. The entire first 2 seasons are dedicated to this single goal. It might sound like an exercise in repetition, but trust me, it’s gripping as hell. 


4. Now You See Me

Sleight of hand, slick tricks, and edge-of-your-seat action – this film about a group of magicians robbing an insurance baron has got all of that. Is it cheesier than a Swiss breakfast? Yes, but hey, anything starring Woody Harrelson is an automatic win in my book.


5. Tower Heist 

Okay, this might not be the most cerebral movie, but it does have plenty of solid comedic timing and sudden reveals to keep you going. It’s about a group of blue collar workers who fall prey to a scam by a wealthy businessman. With nothing left to lose, they plan a heist to reclaim what’s theirs. It’s always fun rooting for the underdog! 


6. The Italian Job 

Is it as good as the Michael Caine original? Probably not. Can you watch it a 100 times and not get bored? Absolutely. Mark Wahlberg might come off a little clunky as the lead character who is betrayed by his former ally, but with a team of con artists including Charlize Theron and Jason Statham, the film holds up. Plus, watching Mini Coopers in a car chase is a special kind of fun.


7. The Thomas Crown Affair 

Pierce Brosnan can inject suave elegance into pretty much any role, and this one is no different. He plays a billionaire who’s fed up with a life of luxury, and wants a bit of the old adrenaline rush. But what can be exciting to a billionaire who has it all? Stealing priceless works of art of course. An insurance investigator played by Rene Russo has other plans for him though.


8. Baby Driver 

First things first – this film has the best soundtrack out of all the movies in this list. Now that the brilliance of its music has been addressed, let’s get to the story. It’s about a former getaway driver with prodigious skills behind the wheel who’s forced to take part in one last heist. In keeping with the heist genre however, things inevitably go horribly wrong.


9. The Town 

Ben Affleck directed and stars in this film about a highly adept group of thieves who rob a bank and take the manager hostage. However, tensions soon flare up between the team of robbers. The Town’s old school gangster style combined with the tropes of a heist make this film innately likeable.


10. Ronin 

Robert De Niro, Jean Reno, and the most memorable, gut-pounding, balls to the wall car chases in cinematic history. I remember watching this film as a kid and being blown away by just how fucking insane the drives through the exotic European locales were. The story follows an ex-US intelligence officer trying to protect a mysterious suitcase from falling into the hands of the Russians.


11. Inside Man 

You can plan a heist down to the last minute detail, but something always goes wrong. In the case of Spike Lee’s Inside Man, it’s when a bank robbery turns into a hostage situation, with tense negotiations between a detective, the thief, and a high powered broker. Denzel Washington is, as usual, a class act.


12. The Bank Job 

Jason Statham just has a knack for these kind of roles. Regardless of what you think about his acting abilities, this film definitely holds up. It’s about a car salesman in dire financial straits who forms a team to rob a bank owned by a gangster. What could go wrong?


13. The Usual Suspects 

The movie with the most famous twist ending of all time. If you’ve seen it, you know it’s good. If you haven’t please go watch it immediately, it’s a classic. The film is about five criminals at a routine police line-up who plan to steal a bunch of emeralds. There’s some hilarious ribbing, some stunning reveals, and of course, there’s Mr. Keyser Soze himself.


14. Reservoir Dogs 

The one that started it all for Mr. Quentin Tarantino. Black suits, dark wayfarers, slick moves – all of it generated from this one film. The cult of Tarantino cannot be denied, but it was this film that lit the spark. It’s about 6 hard men hired to steal some diamonds, but more importantly, it’s got the song Little Green Bag, which can make you look cool in pretty much any situation. What a QT, geddit?


15. Inception 

Nolan’s masterpiece has a million layers to it – there’s the story of Leo’s obsession with his dead wife who keeps showing up in his dreams; there’s the story of Ellen Page learning the ropes; there’s also the story of a group of skilled con artists retrieving dreams from people in their slumber. Heist? check. Spinny top thingy? Check. Brain turned to mush? Check.


Just don’t let these movies ‘steal’ your heart *hyuck hyuck*.