It’s definitely not easy being an actor. The job might seem glamorous and a lot of fun, at times, but there’s a lot more effort and work that goes into it. For one, there are no fixed hours. Movies also require actors to constantly get into characters that are challenging. They have to change their personalities, every now and then – among other things.

Source: The Hindu

There are also times when this requires literal transformation, with makeup, prosthetic and whatnot. A Twitter user shared a list of Indian movie transformations that were amazingly done. He listed characters from Dasavathaaram, like Nambi, Shingen, Balram, Bush, and others. And the intriguing part is that Kamal Haasan portrayed all these ten characters, which are poles apart.

The fact that one actor, played all these characters in a film, which also required extremely different looks, deserves all the appreciation. Twitter has more such instances, and everyone’s sharing them.

These transformations left too many us surprised, and the credit also goes to the people involved in making that happen.