Over the last decade, Iron Man has arguably become the most popular superhero on this planet. But his story started long before Robert Downey Jr. wore the suit. 

So if you like the character, here are some of the best Iron Man storylines you might want to get familiar with. 

1. Doomquest

Iron Man and Dr Doom share a lot of similarities. They both have suits of armour and use their powers to suit their choices. 

Slings and Arrows

In this particular comic book, both characters find themselves transported back to Camelot. While Doom allies himself with Morgan La Fay, Tony Stark teams up with King Arthur and the two fight each other on an ancient plane of Arthurian legend.

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2. Demon in a Bottle

Demon in a Bottle is arguably one of the best written Iron Man comics till date. 


Written by David Micheline and Bob Layton with illustrations by John Romita, Jr., Layton, and Carmine Infantino, the issue proved that comics could take on serious topics related to drug and alcohol abuse.

Slash film

The issue not only affected Tony Stark’s character by making him extremely realistic but also generally influenced the way comic book characters were perceived, thus changing the way they were written.

3. Deliverance

What makes this so special is that Tony Stark doesn’t put on the Iron Man suit at any point in the story to fight his addiction to it.

Relaxing moods

Here, Tony finds himself drinking with a homeless pregnant woman on the streets of New York who dies after he helps her in delivering the child. 

4. The Birth of War Machine

Ironically, this Iron Man issue has no Iron Man in it. The writers give Rhodey a chance to shine by taking out Tony Stark pretty early in the story. 


After Tony’s apparent assassination, Rhodey puts on the Variable Threat Response Suit aka the War Machine and becomes one of the Avengers for the time being.  

5. The Beginning of the End

Tony Stark as a character was pretty much handed everything in life. Sure, he made the Iron Man suit but the mind and resources to build it was because the upbringing his billionaire parents afforded him. 

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But this was the first time in Iron Man’s history that Tony lost everything and had to rebuild everything from scratch. 


6. The Confession

This list is not ranked or The Confession would be sitting at the top. 


The story follows the events of Civil War and Captain America’s death. A repentant Tony regrets the actions he took that resulted in the death of Steve Rogers. A brilliant read; this will hit you where it hurts the most. 

7. Iron Man: Mask In The Iron Man

Tony Stark’s greatest invention will always be the Iron Man suit. The suit has protected him over and over again. 


But what happens if the suit becomes a sentient being and decides that Tony must die? 

8. Iron Man: Armour Wars

This storyline delves deep into Tony Stark’s trust issues as his tech becomes the power source of the villain’s armour. To fight this, Tony pulls authorisation from everyone he’s helped with the armour tech, including the supervillain prison, The Vault.

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This results in a prison break, which leads to him being fired from The Avengers. Tony then declares war on his own tech and all his armoured suits. 

9. Iron Man: Extremis

When Stark was injected with the virus, it altered his physiology and helped him store his armour in the hollow of his bones. It also allowed him to tap into this tech with his mind allowing him to significantly enhance his powers as Iron Man. 

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10. Marvel Masterworks: The Invincible Iron Man Volume 1

Even though, Iron Man has had multiple origin stories in the past, the tales of his capture and the birth of Mark I in the Iron Man film was heavily influenced by this issue. 

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If you are new to the character, this is where you must start. Knowing why he did what he did is the key to understanding Stark’s mindset and the logic behind the actions he takes. 

I’m sure there are other issues that we haven’t read and you think should be on this list. So let us know.