Thanks to Ott platforms, we now have a plethora of quality regional films to add to our watchlist that we were previously oblivious to.

Browsing, discovering, and picking a few Best Malayalam Movies on Hotstar is a massive task due to the vast collection of movies available on the platform.

There are a lot of movies to pick from in the library because Malayalam cinema is recognised for consistently producing top-quality films.

To your rescue, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Malayalam Movies on Disney + Hotstar, which will convince you that you need to update your watchlist.

1. 7th Day 

Syamdhar’s 7th Day is a narrative about mysterious murders, missing individuals, and an IPS officer named David Abraham who is on the hunt for the unknown. The plot revolves around David and a group of friends who are in a mess due to a series of negative occurrences that occur one after the other.


2. Kali

The title of this Action Drama encapsulates the central theme of the film: “anger” and the difficulties that follow. Kali is a decent watch with just the proper amount of dread and misery poured into it.


3. Varathan

Varathan, starring Fahadh Faasil and Aishwarya Lekshmi, follows Aby and his wife Priya as they return to their family estate in Kerala, only to find themselves in perilous situations as they confront fresh obstacles.


4. Premam

Premam follows George’s (Nivin Pauly) love life from his school days till the moment of his marriage. George, a high school student, has a crush on Mary, a pre-university student, only to be friend-zoned by her later. Premam gives hope in the idea of “happily ever after”


5. Samsaram Arogyathinu Hanikaram

This romantic comedy follows a humorous and intriguing concept in which the government prohibits residents of Panimalai hill station from speaking in order to combat and eradicate the spread of the dreaded ‘dumb-flu,’ which can only be spread by people talking.


6. Iyobinte Pusthakam

With his sons, Iyob runs illegal plantations in Munnar. What happens when his younger son returns home after serving in the Royal Indian Navy?


7. Take Off

This 2017 thriller-drama depicts the ordeal of 49 Kerala nurses who were abducted by members of the Iraqi insurgency. Unlike Tiger Zinda Hai, Take Off depicts the incident in a more painful, realistic, and comprehensive manner.


8. Koode

This psychological drama film, Koode, starring Nazriya Nazim and Parvathy describes the tale of a beautiful relationship between a brother and his ghost sister. 


9. Bangalore Days

Bangalore Days is the story of three cousins Arjun, Divya, and Kuttan. Three cousins move to the same city, Bangalore, under various circumstances at a specific moment in time, and the film depicts their care, love, optimism, and happiness. 


10. Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum

This is a realistic storey about a robbery of a gold chain. Fahadh Faasil portrays the thief Prasad, and he does an excellent job in the part.


11. Ustad Hotel

Dulquer portrays Faizal (Faizi), a young man who is encouraged to pursue a career as a chef but is discouraged by his father. Despite the change of events, he joins his grandpa, who owns and operates a restaurant in the lovely city of Kozhikode.


12. Kammatti Paadam

Kammatti Paadam tells the narrative of Krishnan (Dulquer Salmaan) and Ganga (Vinayakan), who grew up in a volatile, violent environment surrounded by gangsters and crooks.


13. Memories

The film’s plot follows the lives of a police officer named Sam Alex, who becomes addicted to alcohol in order to cope with the grief of his family’s loss. He comes across a string of killings and is assigned to investigate them.


14. Annayum Rasoolum

Annayum Rasoolum is a film about a relationship between a cab driver, Rasool, and a sales lady, Anna, set against the natural and raw backgrounds of Kochi. Both depict the lower middle class, and it is the innocence of the protagonist that distinguishes the films. However, differences arise as a result of  religious and social reasons.


15. Charlie

The plot follows Tessa (Parvathy), an artist who travels in search of the writer of an abandoned comic book. Every character in the film has their own distinct style statement, which makes it appealing to young audience.


16. June

This film depicts the coming-of-age of a girl called “June,” and her adolescent relationship with Noel (Sarjano Khalid) was the most prominent aspect of the film, spanning from her school days through her professional career. June is a feel-good film with some old-fashioned concepts, but it nevertheless works as a romantic drama.


17. North 24 Kaatham

Harikrishnan, a software developer, suffers from OCD. His life is permanently altered when he accepts a job assignment in Trivandrum.


18. Ohm Shanthi Oshana

After a farmer protects her from thugs, a high school tomboy falls in love with him. She views it as a challenge to win his heart when he rejects her.

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19. Ennu Ninte Moideen 

This is a narrative of doomed love between two individuals pushed apart by their opposing religions, based on the lives of Kanchanamala and political activist Moideen. 

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20. Pathemari

Narayanan relocates to Dubai in order to improve his financial situation. As an illegal migrant, he has several obstacles, yet he strives to make his family in India happy.


21. Oru Indian Pranayakadha

The film Oru Indian Pranayakadha tells the tale of Ayamanam Sidharthan (Fahadh Faasil),who has high for his political career ambitions. After meeting Irene (Amala Paul), his life begins to change .


22. Parava 

The story follows the journey of two adolescent lads from Mattanchery (a neighbourhood in Kochi) who share an unwavering enthusiasm for the native sport of pigeon flying.


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