The trailer for Avengers 4 can now drop literally any day. And I am willing to bet my life, it will break more records than the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel has time and again cut trailers that are extremely good at creating the hype without giving much away about the films. 

So we give you some of the best trailers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that took us on for a ride of hype and excitement beyond comprehension.

1. Captain America Winter Soldier (Trailer 2)

Fans of the comics were already excited by the name of the film.

If you had read the comics, you knew that the Winter Soldier was a dark subject and the MCU was finally going that way. 


A true badass Captain America really was. How long had we waited for this? 


And then Captain saw Bucky Barnes, with his strength, his speed and with a fucking metal arm. And we knew the old man had found his match. 

And then there was this!


HOLY SHIT, right?

2. Guardians of the Galaxy (Trailer 1)

Nobody expected much from this film but all that changed right after the first trailer. 

So this happened.


All you had to do to watch the trailer to know that this was an incredibly self-aware movie. I mean, Djimon Hounsou’s reaction to Star-Lord was basically all of us!

And they had a talking raccoon and a tree and Dave freaking Batista and Zoe Saldana as an alien.

Also these guys were all criminals who called themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy. Well, everybody else thought they were just a bunch if A-Holes. 

Also, the trailer played Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede. Ha! Who would have thought? And it started a bloody trend for all superhero trailers to come. 

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron (Teaser Trailer)

After The Avengers, things had changed for the superhero genre. So naturally this trailer was long awaited.


The teaser trailer gave us our first truly menacing MCU villain, voiced by the inimitable James Spader. And it was terrifying.

And with Tony Stark’s talk about ‘the end’, we kind of believed that it might well be. 


Cut to the next scene and we got the first glimpse at the Hulkbuster suit battling The Hulk himself. Shit just got serious!


The trailer ended with the scene of Captain America’s broken shield and we realised that our worst fears might come true. 


You have to give it to Marvel. They do cut some seriously good trailers. 

4. Captain America: Civil War (Trailer 1 & 2)

Again, fans of the comics already knew that some real shit goes down in this film. 

Trailer 1 begun with Bucky finally recognising Steve and we found out that the world had finally caught up to the Winter Soldier for all his crimes.


The Avengers were shown the footage of all the destruction and carnage their fights brought upon in New York, Washingtion D.C, Sokovia among others.

This was sort of nostalgic but also kind of sad, cos’ collateral damage. 


Surprisingly Tony Stark was on the side of the government but Captain America aggressively wanted to protect Bucky. 

HOLY SHIT! Then we got our first glimpse of the Black Panther! GOD DAMN!


The fine line of tolerance that both Tony and Captain Rogers operated all these years had finally been crossed!

The Avengers were divided and now fighting each other and it looked like they were all going for the jugular. 


War Machine got shot down. WTF? Was Rhodey going to die?


Oh hey, Underoos! 


And finally it gave us a little hint of the fight between Iron Man and Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Man, were we hyped!


 And damn, this set it up so good!

5. Thor: Ragnarok (Trailer 1)

When we heard that Taika Watiti was directing Ragnarok, we were obviously excited. I mean, superhero films aren’t really his thing.

And the trailer cut right into it, with Thor’s sister Hela catching Mjolnir mid-air and then smashing it to bits.


And that was WTF moment of the year!

And Thor got captured and someone had given him a haircut! WHO WOULD HAVE GIVEN HIM A HAIRCUT?

Cinema Blend

It’s main event time and he was fighting THE INCREDIBLE HULK!


And God bless Taika Watiti for using Led Zeppelin’s The Immigrant Song. And lyrics just made so much sense. 


The moment that opening riff of the music started, we knew this movie would be one hell of a ride. And one year later, it still is!

6. Black Panther (Official Trailer 1)

I have seen Gods fly. I’ve seen men build weapons, that I couldn’t even imagine. I’ve seen aliens drop from the sky. But I have never seen anything like this. 

James Ross was right. We hadn’t seen anything like this. We had waited a long time to witness a black superhero to dawn our screens. 

Sure, there had been black heroes before, but nothing quite like this. 


The trailer gave us a glimpse into the rich culture and technology of the country of Wakanda and the legend of the Black Panther. 


And the music, Bagbak By Vince Staples is gooood!

We watched the trailer and we knew, the revolution would not be televised.

Digital Spy

The revolution would be live!

7. Dr. Strange (Trailer 1)

You know what I see in your future? Possibilities. 

That’s what the trailer showed us. Endless possibilities.


Up until now, we had been introduced to mythology and magic in the MCU as science we didn’t understand yet.

But this was different. Dr. Steven Strange was clearly a skeptic who found himself in Nepal looking at realities that neither him nor us knew existed. 


Also the CGI’s really cool, kind of Inception like. 

8. Captain Marvel (Trailer 1)

Finally. This was more than 10 years in the making. The first female solo superhero movie. And what a time it was for Captain Marvel to make her debut. 


The first shot of the trailer was her falling from the skies to the Earth of what seems to be the early-mid 90s. 

And they of course had to give us a younger Nick fucking Fury. You can tell, he was a badass mothafucka even back then!


More than anything, Captain Marvel was kind of the world’s only hope after the shit Thanos pulled in Avengers: Infinity War.

9. Avengers: Infinity War (Trailer 1)

There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more.

Those were Nick Fury’s words. Now imagine it being said bit by bit by the original Avengers. WHOA! 

Even watching this trailer again for the purpose of this article gave me major goosebumps. 


They basically showed everything we already knew was going to happen. Like Thanos arriving or going after Vision.


But Thanos’ first appearance came with a voice over that rang in your ears for hours to come. 

Although, this does seem pale in comparison, but Peter Parker’s spidey senses at were also at work. 


And a full fledged war in Wakanda.

And even though this wasn’t included in the film, this shot of the Avengers running towards the army of aliens was amaze. 


DAMN! This was brutal. 

No wonder, it broke all the records. Well, fortunately, when the Avengers 4 trailer inevitably drops, it will surpass the previous records and if I am right, it will do so by a mile!