Spoilers ahead. Do not proceed if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

The 2nd episode of Game of Thrones season 8 aired today and it was filled with moments that we have all been waiting to happen for a long time.

Certain characters reunite while certain crimes are answered for. So we compiled a list of the best moments from this episode.

1. ‘The things we do for love’. 

Jaime remains unapologetic during his trial even as Dany and Sansa accuse him of destroying their families. Jaime tells them that they were at war and he would do it all over again. 

It is at this moment that Bran says the word Jaime had said when he threw him off the tower. And for a moment we’re all like, ‘oh shit, he’s screwed’. 

2. Jaime apologises to Bran for what he did to him in the first episode of season 1. 

Bran accepts Jaime’s apology and tells him that he would be the same man he was then if he hadn’t pushed him down the tower. 

Bran also tells him that the reason he never told this to anyone was because he did not want his family to murder Jaime when he wanted to help them. 

3. Jaime and Tyrion meet after the events of last season and discuss the last time they were together at Winterfell. 

It was brief moment of peace for the brothers as they discuss Cersei and how their father would react if he knew that both his sons were going to die defending Winterfell. 

4. Sansa puts Daenerys in a spot by asking her about what happens to the North when they come out of this. 

Dany tells Sansa that she loves her brother and hence travelled halfway across the world to fight his war. But it seemed more like a queen trying to make peace with her subject. Which didn’t sit so well with Sansa. 

Sansa told her that the North was taken from them and they won it back. And importantly, she asked what would happen to the North when it was all over. Dany’s answer, or lack of it, was significant.

5. Theon returns to Winterfell and reunites with Sansa. 

Theon and Sansa both were victims of Ramsay Bolton. In fact, Theon’s redemption began when he helped Sansa escape the mad tyrant while putting his own life in danger. 

So it was natural that their reunion was an extremely emotional one. 

6. Bran reveals that the Night King wants to kill him and will come for him at any cost. 

Bran tells the war council that the Night King wants an endless night and for that to happen he needs to kill the three-eyed-raven. The Night King wants to end the world and Bran is its memory. 

7. Theon offers to stay with Bran when the Night King comes for him. 

Theon tells Bran that he took the castle from him and forced him into the wild. So he would stay with him along with the Iron-born when the rest of them prepare to kill the Night King. 

8. The brothers of the Night’s Watch reunite and Sam reminds them that he was the first to kill a white walker.

These three have lived and fought together against both wildlings and the white walkers. So seeing them manning a wall was as nostalgic for us as it must have been for them.

Besides, when Jon tells Sam to wait in the crypts, he reminds them both that he was the first to kill a White Walker in a 1000 years, a Thenn, and survived the ‘Fist of the First Men’. 

And they remind us of the promise they had made all those years ago: ‘The last one left burns the rest of them’. 

9. Characters from different part of the storylines come together for the ‘last night on Earth’ roundtable and Tormund recounts the story of how he got the name ‘Giantsbane’. 

These characters, all looking for some warmth, come to one of the halls of the castle of Winterfell and share drinks as Tormund just becomes unhinged in Brienne’s presence.

And he goes on, in full detail, about the time he killed a giant as a 10-year-old and what happened afterwards. 

And let’s just say, everyone needed a drink after that!

10. The Hound and Arya share a precious moment. 

Arya asks him why he was there and when was the last time he fought for anyone other than himself. 

Following which the Hound reminds her that he did fight for her! It wasn’t exactly the sweetest reunion but it gave both of them the closure they needed. 

11. Arya and Gendry finally get together. 

In a major throwback to the first ever episode, the daughter of Ned Stark finally gets together with the last living son of Robert Baratheon. 

In the first episode, Robert had told Ned that they should unite their families and from the looks of it, that has happened. 

12. Rise, Ser Brienne of Tarth, Knight of the seven kingdoms.

Of all the knights we have witnessed in the last 7 kingdoms, Brienne was the most worthy. She was a paragon of honour and loyalty and yet was not given the title of a knight because the law didn’t allow it for a woman. 

That all changes, when Ser Jaime Lannister knights her in front of those present and gives her the title she so deserves. 

13. Jon tells Dany his true heritage and his real name. 

When they meet in the crypts, Jon tells Daenerys the story of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark; about how they were in love and got married.

And yes, he finally tells her his true name and heritage.Unsurprisingly, Dany’s first thoughts go to Jon, sorry, Aegon’s claim to the throne.

14. The dead are finally here.

The Night King’s army is finally at the gates of Winterfell and the war is about to begin.

So yeah, episode 3 is going to be one hell of a battle.