Spoilers ahead. Do not scroll down if you haven't watched it yet. 

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Episode 4 of Game of Thrones released today. And boy, no matter what anyone says about this episode, this felt like the cruel and unsuspecting series we have known to love. 

The episode wasn't epic in matters of battle or any such thing. Instead it focussed on characters and broke out hearts in pieces!

1. All those who sacrificed their lives to fight the army of the dead get the 'Night's Watch' funeral. 

The Battle of Winterfell cost a multitude of lives. Just take a look at the pile in the image below. I mean, it took me a moment to realise that they were bodies stacked on top of each other. 

Then Jon came ahead and asked the people to remember the dead and in traditional words of the Night's Watch, bid farewell to them. 

2. Daenerys makes Gendry a Baratheon and names him the Lord of Storm's End. 

While Gendry tries to leave the hall looking for Arya, Daenerys stops him and names him the lawful son of Robert Baratheon. 

And by doing so, she also names him the Lord of Storm's End, a fortress made empty after the death of Stannis Baratheon. 

3. It looks like chugging alcohol has long been a tradition, even in Westeros. 

One would think that chugging alcohol and vomiting is a modern invention but it seems even in the medieval times people liked to get piss drunk and chill. 

4. Tormund mourns Brienne choosing Jaime over him. 

It's actually pretty sad. This mad bastard actually cries over it. I mean, Tormund has been through some tough shit in his life. But this just breaks my heart. 

And he goes and cries about it to the bloody Hound. 

5. Sansa and the Hound share words about the things that they have gone through. 

The Hound once saved Sansa from getting raped. During the Battle of the Blackwater Bay, he even offered her to run with him. He reminds her of that moment and tells her that Littlefinger or Ramsay wouldn't have hurt her, if only she had come with him. 

Sansa then holds his hand and tells him that she wouldn't be who she is if none of that had happened. 

6. Gendry asks Arya to marry him and become the Lady of Storm's End but Arya turns him down. 

Marital affairs are not strictly Arya's thing. She has never been a 'Lady' and she reminds him of as much. 

7. Daenerys asks Jon to never tell anyone about his true identity.

Jon and Dany share a moment but Jon tells her that he at least had to tell Arya and Sansa. Daenerys asks him not to, telling him that the truth would destroy them. 

8. Ser Jaime and Ser Brienne finally get together. 

After years of struggling with their feelings for each other, Jaime and Brienne finally give in after a few drinks. 

9. Sansa wants the armies to rest and recuperate before they head South but Dany has other plans. 

We find out the with the Golden Company, Cersei's army is now on par with Daenerys' forces. So Dany wants to March South. Sansa, meanwhile argues that the armies are not ready to fight another war. 

But Dany has her own way and travels North to take King's Landing. 

10. Jon tells Arya and Sansa about his real parents and his true identity. 

After making them swear to not reveal it to anybody else, Jon asks Bran to tell their sisters the truth about his real parents. 

11. Ser Bronn of the Blackwater shows up and makes a deal with the Lannister brothers. 

Bronn has never been one to miss an opportunity to get richer. He tells the brothers about the bounty on their heads. Tyrion reminds him of something he had told him long ago. He also promises Bronn the seat of High Garden.

12. The dynamic duo of Arya and the Hound travel together to King's Landing to take care of some unfinished business. 

Seasons after parting ways, Arya and the Hound take one more trip together. This is sort of poetic. The last time they travelled together, they were running from King's Landing. This time, they're travelling there to take care of some unfinished business. #CleaganeBowl

13. Sansa tells Tyrion about Jon's true identity.

Tyrion tried to convince Sansa of Dany's ruling capabilities but Sansa remains unmoved. The fact that she knows Jon is the true heir to the seven kingdoms doesn't help Tyrion's case either. Tyrion practically begs her to be allies with Dany so that the people are better ruled. 

But Sansa breaks her promise to Jon and asks Tyrion about the possibility of having someone better on the Iron Throne. Now, she wasn't explicit but it was pretty obvious she told him about it. 

14. In a heartbreaking moment, Jon asks Tormund to take Ghost with him to North of the wall, where he truly belongs. 

Tormund tells Jon that he would be talking the Free Folk north of the wall, where they belong. Jon asks him to take Ghost with him too. He tells Tormund that Ghost doesn't belong in the south and the North is his true home. 

As they go their separate ways, Ghost whimpers and looks longingly at Jon, but Jon only responds with a nod and moves on. 

15. Rhaegal gets shot by multiple scorpions set on Euron Greyjoy's fleet and falls to his death.

While Daenerys has been busy with the army of the dead, Cersei has been planning to tackle Dany's army and her dragons. 

So when Dany approaches King's Landing, Euron Greyjoy attacks her and his fleet fires multiple scorpion shots at Rhaegal and eventually kill him. Dany, Drogon and the rest of her army barely escape the assault. 

16. Lord Varys and Tyrion discuss who's better suited to rule the seven kingdoms. 

After watching Daenerys spiralling down the same road her father travelled on, Lord Varys gets second thoughts about the queen he is supporting. He tells Tyrion that his true loyalty lies with the people and he would do what suits them the best. 

He tells Tyrion that his true loyalty lies with the people and he would do what suits them the best. 

Varys reminds Tyrion that he always supported the common man and would do anything for them, no matter the personal cost. 

19. Jaime leaves Brienne and travels to King's Landing after sort of admitting what she means to him. 

Brienne wants Jaime to stay at Winterfell but Jaime tells her the things he has done for Cersei. He admits that Cersei is hateful but so is he. 

20. The Moutain beheads Missandei in front of Daenerys and Grey Worm on Cersei's commands. In her last moments, Missandei looks at Daenerys and says 'Dracarys'. 

After being captured by Euron Greyjoy, Missandei is used as a bargaining chip by Cersei to demand Dany's surrender. On her refusal, Cersei asks The Mountain to kill Missandei, which he does. 

But before she dies, Missandei takes the moment to say her last words: 'Dracarys'. 

21. Enter the Mad Queen. 

It seems like Missandei's death has pushed Daenerys over the line and she could go full Targaryen in the episodes to come. 

Now, this felt like the Game of Thrones of old.