Disclaimer: The following post contains spoilers from FRIENDS: The Reunion episode. 

17 years ago, we bid adieu to 6 fictional characters whose lives, mistakes, camaraderie, and jokes became our comfort place. We bid adieu to F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


So naturally, when the lead cast reunited on camera for Friends: The Reunion episode, we couldn’t help but cry and tear up with them.

 Especially with beautiful, heartfelt moments like these: 

1. When the group first gets together on the set, and instantly get emotional, while also teasing each other. 

From Matt LeBlanc wiping Courteney’s tears (even as he recounts an older prank he played on her) to Jennifer Aniston teasing Matthew Perry by calling him out in Chandler’s iconic style (“Could you be any more late?”), the six actors instantly got in a familiar groove, proving that you can script everything, but not genuine camaraderie. 

2. When the opening credits roll in. 

True fans know that opening credits were a mix of iconic moments from the past and current season. And in line with the tradition, the opening credits served iconic scenes from the reunion episode, interspersed with the cast’s original opening sequence shot at that iconic shower.

3. When ‘that quiz’ (yes, the one where Monica and Rachel lost the apartment) was recreated with new questions and special guest stars. 

From still not knowing what Chandler’s job was to wrongly naming Mr. Heckles (*SMH*) but correctly identifying Joey’s hand twins, “Quiz 2.0” brought back some of our favourite guest stars. 

And had us revisiting some of the show’s iconic moments, including Rachel’s 18-page-long letter–“FRONT AND BACK”–to Ross.  

4. When all the six leads did table reads of some of the famous episodes, proving that it was never just the laughter tracks. (Take that you cynics!). 

As a fan of not just the show, but also great performances in general, it was amazing to see the actors’ easily slip into their characters. It not only showed how much of themselves they put into their roles but also gave a clear idea of the chemistry they shared. 

5. When people from across the globe talked about the impact the show left on them. 

From celebrities like David Beckham (who feels he is like Monica) and Malala (whose favourite episode is The One With The Routine) to people who sought comfort in FRIENDS when life got tough, people from across the globe talked about what the show meant to them. 

6. When the cast does a huddle again, at the same spot they used to huddle every time before shooting. And we finally know what was behind that door in Monica’s apartment! (IYKYK).   

In fact, in the one episode where they didn’t huddle before the shoot, Matt LeBlanc ended up dislocating his shoulder while shooting. And of course, they recreated the huddle when the episode ends.

*I can’t even pretend I wasn’t crying at this point.*

7. When Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe sings Smelly Cat again… and Lady Gaga joins in! 

Best. Musical. Collaboration. Ever. 

8. When the cast is shown the bloopers, and neither the actors, nor the audience, can stop either the laughter or the tears. 

Of course, the behind-the-scenes footage of the iconic “pivot” moment is even funnier than the actual shot. 

And we get to know that Lisa Kudrow’s laugh is the “greatest” thing in the world. *Oh, the sheer warmth in this moment!*

9. When Jennifer Aniston and David Schimmer admit that they were crushing on each other during the series. But the timing was never right.  

As Aniston admits, “We channeled all of our love and adoration into Ross and Rachel.”

Hell yeah, they’re each others’ lobsters. 

10. The FRIENDS Reunion Fashion Show

Some of the most iconic looks from the show make it to the stage as fashion statements, with Cara Delevingne (in Rachel’s bridesmaid dress and later, in Ross’ Armadillo costume), Cindy Crawford (in Ross leather pants), and Justin Bieber (in Ross’ Spud-Nik costume) walking the ramp. 

And of course, the one and only Matt LeBlanc in ALL of Chandler’s clothes again. Yes, that happened! 

11. When the cast read the messages they’d left on props, on their last day of the shoot. 

Could it *be* any more emotional?

12. And when Lisa Kudrow talks about the kind of future Phoebe would have led – one where she and Mike became advocates of kids who were “different”. Hell yeah, Lisa! 

Among answering all the other questions (Ross and Rachel were indeed on a break), Lisa Kudrow talks about the future she envisions Phoebe had. And her answer is just one of the many reasons why we can never get over the show or the cast. 

Kudrow also talked about why she agrees with the producers’ and writers’ decision to not make a movie or episode showcasing the characters’ future. And while it’s hard to come to terms with the decision, we sure are glad that we got to see the six stars together again. 

All images are screenshots from the episode, currently streaming on Zee5, unless specified otherwise.