Karan Johar, popped up on our screens with the newest episode of Koffee With Karan S7 on the eve of Raksha Bandhan featuring Arjun Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. 

Along with some coolest sibling moments, our favourite cousin duo in town opened up about some poignant moments of their personal lives and all this while making us smile from ear to ear. Here are the best moments from the episode.  

1. When Arjun got vocal about the hatred he had been receiving online and what he thinks is the reason behind that. 

2. When Sonam spoke about emotional eating, something that struck a chord with most of us. 

3. When Arjun gave a clue about what happened behind the scenes that proved that Sonam’s preganacy is getting a bit tougher. 

4. When Arjun spoke about how he let himself and his audience down. He mentioned that he failed to meet the standards he had himself set. 

5. When Karan started talking about Arjun’s relationship and Sonam was quick to say that she didn’t have an idea about it. 

6. When Arjun expressed how being an older brother he had to be independent. 

7. When Arjun playfully reminded Sonam about their goofy childhood pictures. 

8. When Arjun gave Sonam an adorable kiss after she talked about giving him an unconditional support. 

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