Despite being a light-hearted show, TVF’s Panchayat showcases the reality of rural India.

Powerful performances, hard-hitting dialogues and humour, the show is packed with so much to look forward to. The characters in the show share some special bonds, giving us a few heartwarming moments that brought a smile on our faces.

1. When Pradhan Ji invited the newly appointed Panchayat Sachiv for dinner at his home.

2. When Vikas suggests that the 13th solar light should be installed in front of the panchayat office so that Sachiv ji can study without interruption.

3. When Vikas asked Sachiv ji to remove the plastic cover from his new chair and he denied.

Pure Indian-ness.

4. When Pradhan ji accepted the controversial slogan, stood with the truth and asked all ward members to promote the same.

The slogan, ‘Do bachhe hai meethi kheer, usse jyada bawaseer’ caused huge resentment among the villagers.

5. When Sachiv ji tells the ward members how they need to explain the meaning and intent of the slogan to the villagers.

6. When the Up Pradhan doesn’t let Sachiv Ji go to search for a new house and takes him to the village instead.

7. When Pradhan ji shows his trust in Sachiv ji even when the police doubts him constantly.

8. When Pradhan Ji called Vikas to enquire if Sachiv ji had dinner or not.

9. When Pradhan ji, Vikas and Up Pradhan surprise Sachiv ji with a daaru party.

10. When Sachiv ji runs after the goons because they humiliated Pradhan ji.

11. When Pradhan Ji goes to Sachiv Ji‘s room to inquire about his studies and motivates him like a father.

12. When Sachiv ji taught the national anthem to Pradhan Manju Devi.

These heartwarming moments make Panchayat a show we loved watching.