The latest season of Sex Education released recently, and reminded us yet again, of why it is one of the warmest, most endearing shows that makes us wish we were all students of Moordale High. 

So here’s a look at some of the best moments from the show:

*Spoilers Ahead*

1. When Otis and Maeve help Dex get over his insecurity about the length of his penis. 

Though Otis and Maeve decide to shut down the clinic, when a fellow student receives flawed advice about what a penis should look like, they help him battle his insecurities. It’s not just educational but also the perfect call back to the original theme of the show! 

2. When Adam, Eric, Ruby and Otis double date.

Easily winning the award for the 4 most diverse people in a room, the double date that Otis and Eric plan with their respective partners has all the elements of an awkward get-together. But Adam surprises everyone, even the audience. With his insightful remarks on how Ola feels about moving in with Otis, and his admission about watching KUWTK, Adam turns out to be the gel that makes conversations easier – proving that a person can change for the better. 

3. When Maeve and Otis call out the flawed setup of the school’s sex education program. 

When Moordale High’s new headteacher Hope introduces a form of sex education that teaches nothing about sex but rather relies on instilling fear and advocating for abstinence, Otis and Maeve, individually, call out the school’s regressive teaching. 

They also call out the setup for being homophobic and patriarchal. It’s a befitting reminder that society is far too comfortable shaming young adults, especially women when instead, they should be educating them about safe sex and consent. 

4. When Otis and Ruby breakup. 

Otis and Ruby may have had a short-lived romance but it was far more mature than most adult romances from mainstream movies. They turn from having casual sex to a relationship on Otis’ request. But when Ruby professes she loves him, he is not ready to say it back and thus, does the right thing and lets her know where he stands. Their breakup hurts because of how real it is. Because sometimes you hurt people even when you don’t want to, but that does not mean you shouldn’t be honest about how you feel. 

5. When Otis and Maeve finally kiss! 

After Otis discovers Maeve never heard his message in the first place, he repeats it for her. And finally, the moment everyone was waiting for since S1 happens – the two kiss! 

6. When Dr. Milburn helps Aimee process her sexual assault and shift the blame from herself to the attacker.

Easily one of the most impactful moments from the season is when Dr. Milburn helps Aimee get to the root cause of what is troubling her about her sexual assault – the thought she somehow encouraged the man to assault her. For survivors of sexual assault, it can, sometimes, be even more difficult to let go of a flawed belief system. But it’s all the more important for them to learn to shift the blame and not harbor guilt for something that is not their fault and here, therapy can help. 

7. When Dr. Milburn gives it off to a condescending technician. 

When Dr. Milburn is getting her ultrasound done, the lab technician offers her unsolicited advice over how being an older mother can impact children. Dr. Milburn is quick to give it off to the technician, in style, because it really is no one’s business but the woman herself! 

8. When Adam and Eric break up because they are at different parts in their lives. 

In what is one of the most heartbreaking moments from the show, especially considering how much Adam grows as a person, Eric breaks it off with Adam because they are at different stages in their lives. While Eric wants to explore his sexuality and openly display his sexual identity, Adam is still coming to terms with his sexual identity. And ultimately, a relationship should be easy for both the partners. 

9. When Aimee and Maeve become each other’s ‘second mum’.

Aimee reminds Maeve that while they may come from different economical backgrounds, they still have shared experiences. More importantly, they care for each other and can take over the role of being a parent for one another when their own parents fail them. Simply put, Aimee reminds Maeve of the age-old rule – that friends are the family you choose. 

10. When Adam’s mom and teacher support him. 

Adam finds that nothing makes him happier than playing with, and training, his dog and so he enrolls her in a competition. While he never expects anyone to support him, he gets not one but two cheerleaders – his mother and his teacher. 

11. When Adam admits to his mom that Eric wasn’t his friend, but rather, his boyfriend. 

It is a big moment for Adam because after struggling to accept his sexual identity and even disclose it, he finally admits it to his mother. It’s one of the more subtle, yet heartfelt, coming-out fictional moments and one that definitely stays with you for long. 

12. When Cal helps another non-binary student. 

From being asked to align herself to one gender to being forced to change among other women, Cal’s struggles are an accurate and harrowing depiction of how difficult life can be for non-binary people, especially when basic facilities and common courtesy are lacking. But when Cal steps up to express their concerns, they become a safe space for another non-binary person to share their concern and even ask for advice on how to bind their chest. 

13. When Emily reminds the students why standing up for what’s right is never the wrong thing to do. 

The students respond to Hope’s stringent new actions with a presentation where they take pride in Moordale High being sex-positive. However, the presentation leads to the investors withdrawing the funding, and the school being shut down. The students believe their plan backfired, but Emily is quick to remind them, that just because the end result may be unfavourable, does not mean you should not stand up for what’s right. 

14. When Maeve chooses herself.

Maeve gets accepted into a program for gifted students in America, but she almost gives up on it, because she is finally with Otis. However, Aimee reminds her to not let go of her dreams and future for a boy and so, she chooses herself and goes for the program. And it’s wonderfully empowering to see. 

Sex Education has constantly upped the ante, serving us a show that never fails to surprise us, while also making us laugh, and occasionally, even cry. It’s beautiful, warm, empathetic, and the kind of teenage drama that has everyone hooked – teenagers and adults. 

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