Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead.

Sony Liv’s latest web series, A Simple Murder, is a crime-comedy that keeps the audience on the edge. A tale of coincidences, love, betrayal and revenge, the show takes us on a fun ride with its ensemble of amazing actors and quirky dialogues.

Here are some of the best moments from the show.

1. The opening scene when Richa and Manish wake up to a water logged house.

While Richa is busy shouting at Manish for not carrying out his repsonsibilities as a husband, Manish is concerned about the boxes, that are also apparently his idea for a start up, getting soiled with water.

And when Manish tries to make peace with Richa and asks her if they can have sex in the evening, Richa kicks him in the balls to remind him of his repsonsibilities.

2. Every time when the waiter of the Prithvi Bar, Shankar, starts telling the same old long story.

3. When Manish accidentally reaches Pandit’s office instead of the investor and picks up all the cash and gun.

Manish lands up in Pandit’s office due to some confusion and here’s where the chaos starts. Pandit confuses him for the contract killer he had hired for killing Priya, the minister’s daughter, who eloped with a Muslim boy, Usmaan.

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4. When Himmat tells Manish the pro-tip to shoot a person.

The two meet at Prithvi Bar. Manish asks Himmat if he had killed someone and Himmat gives him the tip.

5. When Manish tries to copy Himmat’s looks.

Impressed by Himmat at the bar, Manish comes back home with cash and dresses as Himmat.

6. When Himmat reaches Pandit’s office and gives an explanation for being late.

Pandit had called Himmat for giving him the contract of killing Priya on Thursday, but he arrives on Friday and blames it on leap year.

7. Every time Richa runs away with the money and Manish is left devastated.

The first time when Manish brings the cash home and asks Richa to pack bags while he throws the gun, Richa ditches him and flees away with the cash. Manish keeps calling her, but she doesn’t respond.

Next time when Manish rescues Richa from the hotel and asks her to forget about money, she once again leaves him and runs away in search of cash and Rahul.

8. When Richa lives her dream of sleeping on a bed of cash and wearing a necklace of cash.

9. When the inspector starts investigating the murder and recreates the incident at Madhu’s house.

He even steps in the outline drawn by the constables around the victim’s dead body and asks them why didn’t they draw it somewhere else.

Every time Gopal Dutt, who plays the inspector, tampers with the evidence and ends up giving the audience a good laugh.

10. When Manish recalls the moment he and Richa asked each other what they’d do if they get a lot of money.

11. When Himmat and Subhash discuss the series of events to catch Rahul with the help of Richa.

We see their poetic references throughout the series.

12. When Manish fights Subhash despite being unarmed.

Manish and Himmat share a unique bond of support and friendship in the series. While the two were at loggerheads in the beginning, Manish does not step back when it comes to taking revenge for Himmat’s death.

13. When Manish helps Priya and Usmaan and Priya calls him ‘bhai’ and gives him a hug.

Priya and Usmaan are in need of money and they contact Manish for help. Manish calls them to his house and helps them.

At the same time, the police also reaches Manish’s house. Manish requests the inspector to leave Priya and Usmaan and the inspector too helps them by arranging for their escape to Jaipur.

14. When Subhash manipulates the hotel manager into giving him access to the security room.

In the end, the narrator tells us that there’s more to come as Manish and Subhash are still alive. So yeah, we can expect another season of the series.

All images are screenshots from Sony Liv.