Episode 3 of Game of Thrones season 8 aired today. So if you haven’t seen the episode, be warned, this article is literally spoilers. 

And if you have, these are a few key moments you might like to revisit. 

1. Melisandre lights up the blades of the entire Dothraki horde.

Melisandre walks into Winterfell right before the Great War begins and lights up the blades of every Dothraki in attendance. 

Everyone has seen the rampage a charging Dothraki horde can do. Now imagine them all with flaming blades. 

2. The Dothraki horde moves quickly into battle and disappears just as quick. 

The Dothraki swarm into battle against the white walkers with their flaming blades into the dark of the night. 

And it’s some sight!

But the white walkers annihilate them just as quick. 

3. Jon and Dany ride Drogon and Rhaegal and rain fire on the Night King’s army. 

After the end of the Dothrakis, Dany loses it and abandons her post to go after the army of the dead. 

Jon soon joins her and both of them wreak some havoc amongst the white walkers. 

4. ‘Stick them with the pointy end’.

When a storm of ice hits Winterfell, Arya gives Sansa a knife and sends her to the crypt. 

Sansa tells her that she doesn’t know how to use it. So Arya, in turn, tells her the same thing Jon had told her when they first left Winterfell. 

5. The death of Edmund Tollett.

Ed has been fighting beside Jon and Sam since season 1. In this scene, he is distracted during battle as he tries to bring a visibly shocked Sam back to his senses. Which is when he gets stabbed from behind. 

Edmund lived for his brothers of the Night’s Watch. He avenged the death of Jeor Mormont at Craster’s Keep and fought at Hardhome with Jon. And although it broke my heart, it was fitting for him to move on while trying to save his brother. 

6. Melisandre lights the trenches around the castle of Winterfell.

Both Dany and Jon getting caught up in the ice storm meant that they could not see the signal to light up the trenches around Winterfell. 

So Melisandre stepped up again. 

And the Gods know what would have happened if she hadn’t done that at that point. 

7. The Night King finally appears, riding Viserion.

Bran wargs into ravens to find the Night King. 

And he does. The Night King sits on Viserion and commands his vanguard to lay on the fire so that the rest of them could step on and move forward with the invasion. 

8. Arya Stark kills dozens of white walkers with her new fancy weapon in a span of minutes as Ser Davos watches in horror. 

We finally get to see Arya’s new weapon and it’s sort of a staff-spear that breaks into two and can be used as two separate weapons.

And Arya uses them to kill anything that has blue eyes. 

Which is obviously a shock to anyone who hasn’t seen her fight before. 

9. The Hound gets over his fear of fire to try and save Arya again. 

Everyone is aware of the Hound’s fear of fire. He ran from the Battle of the Blackwater Bay because of it and he was hiding here, for the very same reason. 

But when Beric Dondarion tells him that Arya is in trouble, he runs to save her without a second thought. 

10. Lady Lyanna Mormont kills a Wight Giant before just before taking her last breath. 

The Giant picks up the little lady and crushes every bone in her body. 

But before her heart stops, she stabs it in the eye with a dragonglass, killing him in the process.

Lyanna Mormont might not have been a massive part of the series, but whatever little she did, she was fierce at it, uncompromising and brave until the painful end. 

11. This is the first time we see dragons battle it out on our screens. So just take a minute and let that sink in. 

We have never seen anything like this before!

Viserion, with the Night King on top, takes on both his siblings and nearly manages to kill them. The worst part is that neither Jon nor Dany saw him coming. 

12. Beric Dondarion sacrifices his own life to save Arya and dies for the very last time. 

As if he almost knew how important Arya was to this war! Without Thoros, Beric was always on borrowed time. But he knew that his sacrifice to save Arya meant something. 

13. Melisandre meets Arya again. 

The last time they saw each other, Melisandre told Arya that she would shut many eyes. 

During their reunion, she reminds Arya that she will be shutting brown eyes, green eyes and even blue eyes.

14. ‘What do we say to the God of death?’

Melisandre also reminds Arya of the last words Syrio Forel ever told her. 

And Arya responds with ‘Not Today’. 

15. Viserion and Rhaegal meet again and try to tear each other’s head off. 

Viserion was already too powerful for both his siblings. So even though, Rhaegal held his ground and fought back with valour, it was too big a task for him. 

Make no mistake, Rhaegal isn’t dead yet but when he came crashing down, he didn’t look too good either. 

16. Dragonfire doesn’t affect the Night King. 

He just stood there like nothing really happened. I mean, Drogon went full nuclear on him and he didn’t even flinch. 

17. Jon chases the Night King but the latter raises all those who had just died in battle. 

Jon chases the Night King into Godswoods but gets spotted by the big bad. 

The Night King lifts his arms and with it, he raises the dead of all those who had just fallen, including the brave Lyanna Mormont. 

18. The crypts of Winterfell break open and those buried within them rise again. 

It was a stupid idea to hide in the crypts to begin with. Mostly because the Night King can raise the dead. It’s kind of his entire thing and crypts are the place where the dead are buried. 

20. Even the mighty Drogon gets overwhelmed by the sheer number of white walkers. 

Dany swoops down to save Jon but as Jon leaves to reach Bran, hundreds of white walkers climb on Drogon and begin stabbing him. 

21. Theon sacrifices his life to save Bran, thus completing his redemption arc. 

Theon fights and defeats everything that came Bran’s way but in the end, it was the Night King and his generals he stood against. 

And he did not stand a chance. In the end, Theon did right all his wrongs. His biggest crime was betraying the Starks and taking Winterfell. And now, he has just given in life for the boy he had betrayed.

22. Ser Jorah Mormont dies trying to protect Daenerys until his last breath. 

Ser Jorah Mormont started his story by being Robert Baratheon’s spy in Dany’s camp. He ended it by giving up his life for her, the woman he loved. 

The could not have been a more fitting end to his story. The dishonourable man who had brought shame to his family, gave up his life fighting the undead and protecting someone he believed could save them all. 

23. Arya Stark kills the Night King. 

HOLY SHIT, right? I’ve no words to describe this. Arya Stark is one badass creature and ain’t nobody fucks with her family!

I mean, did you see that shit? She legit sneaked up on the Night King and murdered him. There was no prince that was promised. She god damn did it herself. 

Arya uses the same trick she used with Ser Brienne when they sparred and shifted her knife hands. 

She then stabs the Night King with the Valyrian steel blade to kill him.

24. Having helped in defeating the white walkers, Melisandre finally rests. 

Melisandre has done some horrible things in the part/ From enabling Stannis to burning children alive, she has done it all. But for what it’s worth, she also resurrected Jon Snow 

At the beginning of the episode, Melisandre promised Ser Davos that she would be dead before dawn. 

So when the Night King was finally defeated, she walked into the cold, took off her necklace and finally lay to rest. 

This was an intense episode, wasn’t it? 

All images are screenshots taken from Hotstar