Koffee With Karan Season 7 award episode is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, featuring Tanmay Bhatt, Kusha Kapila, Danish Sait, and Niharika Nm as the jury. It was a blockbuster episode with lots of bantering, Kjo grilling, and entertaining audio cameos from Bollywood celebrities who won the KwK award.

Here are some of the best moments from the final episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7 that won our hearts.

1. When Karan Johar was called out for ‘The Alia Bhatt Obsession.’

Right at the beginning of the episode, KJo wanted to go all in and wished to address constructive criticism. He asked the jury if he had spoken Alia’s name lots of times in this KwK season, and Tanmay Bhatt had a mic-drop response. Additionally, KJo mentioned that even Alia herself had called him out on this and asked him to stop talking about her.

Koffee With Karan
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2. When Karan teased for favouring Janhvi Kapoor in the Janhvi-Sara episode.

Right after the Janhvi-Sara episode was released, there were a lot of conversations about how KJo was mean to Sara and biased towards Janhvi. KJo revealed that it may have come across like that because he had felt bad for Janhvi since she was so ecstatic about winning the hamper when the wrong results got displayed cos of a technical glitch. However, that portion got cut and did not make it to the episode released.

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3. When KJo shared his embarrassment about not being invited to the Vicky-Katrina wedding.

He revealed how people teased him because they thought he was lying and later questioned him if everything was okay when they realised that KJo wasn’t invited for real.

Koffee With Karan Tanmay Bhatt
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4. When Tanmay thought Karan was dating Varun Dhawan’s dad, David Dhawan.

Okay, this was hilarious.

Kwk Tanmay Bhatt
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5. When KJo talked about his anxiety issues.

Kusha asked Karan about how he dealt with negativity that gets published about him online, to which KJo had the most heartwarming response. Eventually, all the jury members stood up to hug him.

koffee with karan kusha kapila
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6. KJo has a tough time with his ‘funeral wardrobe.’

I didn’t know there was something called funeral wardrobe before this KwK episode.

koffe with kara
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7. When Sonam had the ultimate response for Karan.

Sonam Kapoor’s Brahmastra goof-up was selected as the best moment of the episode. KJo called her to tell her this, and Sonam gave the ultimate, ‘Are you for real?!’ response.

koffee with karan
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8. Danish’s ‘line of the season.’

This pretty much sums up everything.

Disney+ Hotstar

9. When Alia Bhatt spoke her ICONIC dialogue from Brahmastra.


Disney+ Hotstar

Undoubtedly, Koffee With Karan Season 7 was a blockbuster. While the KwK may have ended for this year, we have the new season coming up next year itself. Are you already excited?

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