Not everyone is a fan of drinks and that’s alright because it’s still a party, with or without alcohol. In a thread, several people revealed the best ways to make a party fun without booze and you should jot these points down for your next rendezvous.

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1. “The trivia games you can connect to your TV like karaoke. Apart from that, some good snacks, mocktails and good friends.” –swamppuddin11

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2. “I invited a few couples over (some of them pretty religious and don’t drink) but we played adult mad libs. It was hilarious seeing them break out of their shells and just belly laugh at some of the things we all would come up with in that game.” –TheReinsofFullnight

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3. “Cards, board games, karaoke, VR games, jenga, make your own pizza party, tie dye, costume party, gift competition, Pictionary, marbles, rage music with lights and glow sticks, dance party, guitar, yoga, cookie icing competition, mind puzzles, story sharing and jigsaws puzzles.” –good_testing_bad

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4. “Do a murder mystery night. Invite as many people as you know, get everyone all dressed in old garb, turn off the lights, pretend to murder someone in the dark and call the cops.” –aliensheep

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5. “Games and good food.” –Unquietdodo

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6. “Get a giant roll of blank paper, like the back of wrapping paper, and tape it to the back of the bathroom door. Hang a sharpie marker near it. Everybody who uses the bathroom gets to anonymously write graffiti. Make it themed like it has to be poems. Don’t say a word and see what happens naturally. When I was in college, we did this and some comments turned out to be f-ing insanely hilarious.” –ansibley

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7. “Cards and board games. The one time we were at a tea shop my cousin brought a game. That’s still one of my fondest memories ever and we stayed at that shop until it closed at midnight. It was so good we didn’t notice the time.” –Vipeeeeer

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8. “Give the party non-alcoholic beer and not tell anyone.” –lloyd____

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9. “The right type of people. People that can have fun without alcohol make alcohol-free parties fun.” –Diene4fun

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10. “Karoke machine or strip poker.” –Fastboysgetmoney

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11. “Encourage instruments and have plenty of games.” –Indiscriminate_Love

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12. “Change the lights. Nothing kills the party vibe like bright overhead lights. Turn down the lights, set up some string lights, get a disco ball, and swap out the bulbs in your lamps with coloured bulbs. Just do something so that your living room says “party” and not “living room”. –munificent

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When are you throwing your next party?