If you consider yourself a web series binger, then we’re sure you’re looking for the next best show to watch and explore. And thankfully India has great regional cinema that gives us wonderful web-series to wolf down every year.


So here is a list of the best regional web-series we watched in 2021, that you can also binge on and end the year in full swing! Take a look. 

1. November Story – Tamil

Starring Tamannaah Bhatia and G.M Kumar November Story is a great watch if you’re interested in crime mysteries. You can watch it on Disney + Hotstar. 

2. Ganja – Tamil

Ganja shows the lives of three youngsters who meet as a consequence of the illegal trade of cannabis. Catch this one on YouTube

3. Aani Kay Hava Season 3 – Marathi

This one is a mini web-series that is about a married couple living in Pune, it’s a lighthearted romantic comedy that will warm your heart as the year comes to a close, and days turn colder. You can watch the show on MX Player.

4. Honeymoon Savdhaan – Marathi

Honeymoon Savdhaan is also a mini web-series. And it’s based two characters, namely Rohit and Vidya, who come together via arranged marriage and how they get to know one another slowly, over time. It is available to watch on YouTube.

5. Unheard – Telugu

Unheard shows India’s freedom struggle from the perspective of Hyderabad, and how the fight took place in the city, back then. You can watch it on Disney + Hotstar. 

6. 30 Weds 21- Telugu

This is a rom com web-series that shows the story of a married couple who has an age gap between them that they’re trying to bridge by getting to know one another (with a series of funny incidents and conversations, of course). You can catch this one on YouTube.

7. Indu – Bengali

A series that has an element of mystery to it. Bet you’ll love binge watching this one with your mom this winter. It is available to watch on MX Player

Have you gotten around to watching these yet?