Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai has gone down in history as one of the most iconic shows to ever air on Indian television. From the dialogues to the character development, everything was memorable. However, there are few moments that stood out and have stayed with us all these years later. 

Here are our favourite Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai moments that we still think about a lot:

1. This seems sacrilegious but Popat Kaka’s funeral was one of the most hilarious episodes, especially Rosesh’s eulogy. 

2. The episode where Indravadan pretended to be missing, but was hiding in the cupboard the entire time. And Maya tried to convince him she was having an affair, just to rile him up, because Maya sees all. 

3. When the family played Scrabble and Monisha tried to pass off ‘Dhadkan’ as a word. 


4. When Monisha dreamt that Maya lost her memory and became an older version of Monisha. 

5. We loved the episode where we finally got to know how this unlikely duo, Monisha & Sahil met and fell in love. 

6. The time when Rosesh got kidnapped, and the kidnappers just couldn’t stand him anymore. 

7. When Monisha’s money-saving ways were borderline inspirational. 

8. The poetry competition where we found out that Indu is also a poet and that’s where Rosesh gets his talent from. 

9. When Monisha got a makeover after inheriting money, and nobody hated it more than Maya Sarabhai. 

10. When Dushyant came over to fix the fridge and used Rosesh to explain the process, as he always does. 

11. When Indravadan got hypnotised in a 2-part episode and believed he was Maya. We just couldn’t get over how brilliant Satish Shah’s acting was. 

12. When Monisha was genuinely upset about her name and it was so sweet and innocent. 

13. Who came up with these titles? Because we would love to watch these shows that Monisha goes on about. 

14. When Rosesh made us believe he was married for an entire episode, and we couldn’t deal with Maya’s wild imagination.

15. When Khichdi & Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai had this epic crossover and we got to see both these sisters in the same frame. 

16. Just every sing Rosesh poem about his Moma that was an ode to her timeless character. 

17. When Monisha got a Tamil newspaper because English newspaper was just too expensive. 

18. Indravadan & Maya’s little breakfast tit-bits kept us going. 

19. We wish we’d gotten more of Sarita, Maya’s friend because her life seems quite entertaining. 

20. Every scene with Madhusudhan phupha in it, because he was effortlessly funny. 

21. When Maya Sarabhai was the supportive mother-in-law we all know she is. 

Which scene is your favourite?

All images are screenshots of the show from Disney+Hotstar, unless mentioned otherwise. 
Design credits: Sawan Kumari.