The Serpent on Netflix is the latest show that we just can’t stop watching. Based on the crimes of serial killer Charles Sobhraj, this show keeps you hooked right from the start. 

Here are some of our favourite scenes from the limited series that made sure we couldn’t look away:

1. Marie’s crazy eyes when Charles kills for the first time in front of her 

2. The moment Marie gets her new identity 

3. This iconic moment that led to their most memorable picture 

4. The moment we found out the truth behind Dominique’s entrapment 

5. When the international arrest warrant was finally issued and we let out a sigh of relief 

6. This brilliant scene that sets the tone for Herman’s changed behaviour 

7. When Charles shares his side of the story and we realise that Marie is long gone

8. When we finally hear Charles’ real name come out in the open for the first time

9. When we let out a sigh of relief because Dominique is safe, but shudder because Nadine might not be

10. When Marie drinks the drugged tea to prove her love for Charles

11. When our two spies make it back to Herman’s safe and sound

12. This line and scene that left us all teary-eyed

13. This perfect description of how Charles preyed on his victims 

14. When we found out that Charles had once been married and even has a child 

15. This Water Lilly scene that perfectly captured Herman’s frustration 

16. When Julliete gave Charles a taste of his own medicine by abandoning him

17. When Charles’ mother warns Marie about his true nature

18. This front page article that was so satisfying 

19. When Charles’ plan to poison 30 people goes haywire and you know he’s done for

20. This last fight between Marie and Charles that left us with goosebumps

21. This line that makes everything that the four have been working for, seem worthwhile 

22. Poetic justice? 

23. The perfect ending to this show 

Which scene was your favourite?