Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a movie we all know too well. From the dialogues to the songs, they’re all engraved in our memory. However, there are certain scenes we like going back to every now and then. So here are our favourite moments from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara that we can’t ever forget. 

1. When we saw ‘bagwati’ for the first time. The true main character of this film. 

2. When Arjun finally broke down and told Imran that his apologies don’t matter if he doesn’t mean them. 

3. When Imran realises that he is his father. 

4. And apologises, this time from the heart. 

5. This cringe-y scene between Laila and Imran that gave us second hand embarrassment and a good laugh. 

6. The moshi moshi scene that lives rent free in our heads, along with this bright pink phone. P.S. We all kinda wanted it. 

7. This heart to heart conversation that Laila had with Arjun and we were in awe of her. 

8. When Arjun made the boys go sky-diving and they couldn’t help but freak out. 

9. When Laila came back for Arjun because she believed they were worth it. 

10. There is something so surreal about this song, that we play it even now, on every road trip. 

11. This underwater scene that was so beautiful that we couldn’t wait to travel. 

12. When Arjun spilled the beans on his ‘rishta meeting’ and the boys had a good laugh. 

13. When Kabir realises that this isn’t what he wants from life and Arjun gives him the reality check he’s been waiting for. 

14. This bar scene that proved that they’re all best friends for a reason and no time apart would change that. 

15. Who can forget this Diamond biscuit jingle that we sung for months after this movie released!

16. Literally every scene with Imran’s beautiful poetry. 

17. This song that was the perfect ending to a perfect film. 

BRB, watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara again.