The controversial maestro of Bollywood Karan Johar invited a controversially popular pair Kabir and Preeti aka Kiara Advani and Siddharth Malhotra to the couch on Koffee With Karan S7.

Clad in stunning white, Shahid and Kiara mongered gossip, added fire to the rapid-fire round, and—most importantly— served us with major BFF goals. The duo made the ambiance so cosy that it made us grin from ear to ear.  

Here are the moments that made us FaceTime our besties right after the episode.

1. When Kiara didn’t spare a second before calling Shahid her closest male co-star. She literally replied in a jiffy pointing at Shahid. 

2. When Kiara talked about the trivial but heartfelt things that strengthened her friendship with Shahid.   

3. When Shahid and KJO started having unsolicited plans for Kiara’s wedding. I’d pay to watch the groove to dola re dola, NGL. 

4. When Shahid points out one trait that sets Kiara apart as the sweetest actress in the industry. But he wants her to be a little mean so that no one can hurt her.

5. When Shahid becomes Kiara’s ultimate hype boy by crowning her as the best actress in the contemporary times. 

6. When Shahid teases Kiara for her front-bencher behaviour. Man, this took me back to my school days!  

7. When Shahid and Kiara offered us the best quiz round yet, thanks to their super cute gestures towards each other.  

8. When Shahid and Kiara legit colour-coordinated their outfits prior to coming to the show. You see this is the kind of effort besties make!

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