With us being right in the middle of wedding season, it’s only fair that we talk about some of our greatest guilty pleasures – wedding reality shows. From knowing the inside scoop of where a couple is at in terms of their wedding jitters to seeing all the beautiful wedding decor and food get arranged and set up – there is just something magical about them. So, we’ve gone ahead and curated a nice list for you to go after, take a look:

wedding shows

1. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings – IMDb rating 6.7

The audience gets an insider view of weddings that take place at Disney destinations such as Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise Lines. So if you’re a Disney fan, then this might be one for you.

Reality wedding shows
Credit: IMDb

2. Indian Matchmaking – IMDb rating 6.3

I think we are all familiar with Sima Taparia and her matchmaking business. The show is centred around her clients from the U.S and India who are looking to be set up for an arranged marriage.

Reality wedding shows
Credit: Variety Magazine

3. Wedding Cake Championship – IMDb rating 5.8

The audience gets to watch some of the best baker duos trying to meet clients’ demands under immense pressure.

Reality wedding shows
Credit: Foodsided

4. Say Yes to the Dress – IMDb rating 5.6

Full of drama and fashion, Say Yes To The Dress is about brides-to-be walk into Kleinfeld (a popular luxury bridal boutique) in New York to find their dream wedding dress.

Reality wedding shows
Credit: People Magazine

5. The Big Day – IMDb rating 4.7

The Big Day gives us a peak into India’s multibillion-dollar wedding industry, so expect to see lavish and elegant Indian shaadis take place and find loads of wedding inspo here.

Reality wedding shows
Credit: The Harvard Crimson

6. Marrying Millions – IMDb rating 5.3

Marrying Millions leads you into the life of couples who are head over heels in love with one another but come from vastly different financial backgrounds.

Reality wedding shows
Credit: IMDb

7. Marriage or Mortgage – IMDb rating 5.3

A wedding planner and a real estate agent set out to convince couples to spend their funds on either a glamorous wedding or a home.

Reality wedding shows
Credit: Women’s Health

The thing about wedding reality shows is that you also learn a couple of things about the practicality of planning a wedding (not that all of us are looking to get married, but if you are, this could be low-key helpful).