Watching horror films definitely calls for those nightmares or the terrifying thought of going to the washroom at night. 

But it seems Bollywood’s concept of horror films is slightly different. These films mostly end up being erotic or just comedy at its best. We’re not complaining. They’re a brilliant genre in itself. 

Here are a few that will surely give you a delightful laugh. 

1. Phoonk 2 

Phoonk 2
Source: imdb

Ram Gopal Verma has given cinema some of the best films. But this one failed at being scary. 

2. Ghost 

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This film surely brings out the entertainment pack. Well, let’s not talk about the scary stuff. Shiney Ahuja-Sayali Bhagat starrer Ghost is a total no for horror. Yes for comedy maybe. 

3. Hawa 

Source: youtube

This film was said to be inspired a lot from Hollywood. Clearly Tabu’s talent was a total waste in this film as nobody took it seriously. 

4. Paapi Gudia

Paapi Gudia
Source: youtube

Paapi Gudia is a copy of the Hollywood film ‘Child’s Play’. And the doll was not even a bit scary. A must watch for a wonderful laugh. 

5. Hisss 

Source: blogspot

Undoubtedly, one of the worst horror films. A seductive ‘Naagin’ and an ‘un-seductive’ story line. We suggest not watching this sober. 

6. Bhooth Returns 

bhooth Returns
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Although ‘Bhooth’ was a genuinely terrifying film and a success at the box-office, the sequel was surely a disappointment. The same old story of a spirit possessing a girl and nothing scary. 

7. Jaani Dushman 

Jaani Dushman
Source: komparify

More of a comedy film than a horror film, which it claims to be. The whole Naagin siyappa times 10, extremely weird & cringey but entertaining to the core. 

8. Help 

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This one’s a highly bizarre horror film starring Bobby Deol and Mugdha Godse. This film really needs ‘help’. 

9. Bandh Darwaza 

 Bandh Darwaza
Source: moviesandmania

From bad makeup to storyline, nothing’s really scary in this film. The funny Dracula adds a good laugh though. 

10. Suryavanshi 

Source: filmcompanion

This fantasy horror film is nothing it claims to be. With Salman Khan and Amrita Singh in the lead, this film gets horror wrong but cringe so right.