Game of Thrones is based on the book series called A Song of Ice and Fire and the latest episode, Beyond the Wall was the epic culmination of both these elements.

Jon Snow and the rest of the company went beyond the wall to capture a White Walker but instead, they had to fight tonnes of dead men and had it not been for Daenerys’ dragons, this trip could’ve spelt their end.

The dragons totally saved the day and it made for one of the most iconic episodes in the series.


But as much as we loved the sequence of this battle, we are left with a few questions. Things don’t just happen in GoT because they look cool, the show always has a reason for everything and we hope that our questions will eventually get answered but for now, they only left us with a puzzled expression.

1. Gendry ran to the Eastwatch, sent a raven to Dragonstone, Dany received it and reached beyond the wall all in one night. How fast did Gendry really run? And how fast was that raven? The men beyond the wall only spent one night stuck on that plateau.

2. The dragons enter the scene and start spitting fire on whatever they can see and manage to get rid of a huge number of White Walkers. But somehow, no one attacks the Night King? Why?

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3. The Night King killed Viserion with a spear and though that made for a spectacle, we were left wondering, why did the Night King not kill Jon and his men just by throwing that spear at them when they were just sitting around?

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4. The White Walkers shown in the previous episodes looked like zombies but in this episode they looked like they were an army with a cohesive plan. Are they more organised now or did we miss something?

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5. Where did the White Walkers get those huge chains to tie Viserion with? GoT doesn’t usually indulge in cinematic liberty so there has to be a valid explanation for this one.

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