Shark Tank India judge, Ashneer Grover is in another fight with the founders of BharatPe, and this time it is over the non-payment of salaries. Yes, and this is as entertaining as you think it is. Also, the part about the non-payment of salaries is just a guest appearance in what appears to be a social media brawl of some kind. 

Indian Express

Here’s what happened. Karan Sarki, a senior associate in the IT  department of BharatPe posted on Linkedln, airing his grievances and calling out the top brass of the company. 

Dear Suhail and Shashvat Sir, we haven’t received our salary for March month yet despite following up so many times on email and visiting the office. All the old admin staff of BharatPe have been terminated by you without giving any reason and their salaries have not been paid. We were with BharatPe ever since the Compamy started and now we are nowhere because of your internal politics.

You can read the whole post here. 

Not long after this, Ashneer Grover commented on the post. 

Grover’s sister also commented on the post saying something along the lines of ‘shame on the company’. This is where sh*t got real. Because BharatPe CEO came out of the shadows and he didn’t want to take any prisoners. 

Is this a weird episode of Succession or something? I am yet to watch it. Anyhow, Twitter’s been having a lot of fun with this. 

Just spitballing here, but just pay the damn salaries. You ain’t that broke!