Pizza is our all-time favourite comfort food and it makes us even happier to know that our favourite YouTuber, BB Ki Vines a.k.a Bhuvan Bam, feels the same way. In fact, Pizza Hut, in collaboration with Bam, has given us a cool, new, groovy pizza track. Don't know what we're talking about? Check this out.

Honestly, we're finding it difficult to decide whether we want to dance or go grab a pizza first!

Pizza Hut always takes their customers by surprise and this time around too, they have won our hearts by adding an extra topping of Bhuvan Bam's craziness into our lives. But wait. This song is not the only thing that we're excited about. Pizza Hut is also offering delicious pan pizzas, starting at just Rs 99! Now you can enjoy "Inse, Unse, Dil Se, Mann Se, Sabse Tasty Pizzas" under just 100 bucks!

Aren't you craving one right now?

BTW, you can check out Bhuvan Bam grooving to the tunes of Pizza Hut's new anthem in different languages. Here's a sneak peak of the Tamil one.