Well sometimes, the paparazzi gives our stars a very hard time. They don’t stop their unapologetic attempt even after multiple requests. 

But, things turned out differently this time, when Senior Bachchan was offended by a website’s Unethical behaviour of clicking pictures of him. Later what unfolded surprised Big B, as the website displayed an account of courtesy and apologized to him. And Mr Bachchan surely seemed quite impressed.

Here are the tweets Big B posted a few days back expressing his displeasure: 

While his displeasure was quite evident in his tweets, the website couldn’t afford to offend the big star.

What followed is this apology: 

Respected Sir,

I sincerely apologize on behalf of my client Pinkvilla and the photographer who clicked your photograph. The photographer who clicked your picture works for me so it becomes my responsibility as I send out these images. So, no one is to be blamed but me. It’s my fault that I sent out those images without cross checking whether these images were to be used or not. I have strict rules of not clicking any images of any celebrities if there is any disapproval. This will be my first instance in my 15 years career that an artist is so upset. There is no paparazzi culture in India an there is very little money, we do it to create good content. By hurting you we have done a very wrong thing.

The damage is already done and I will be truthful that the image was not only used on Pinkvilla but also on Deccan Chronicle website. I have got those deleted immediately after I read your tweet.

I will meet up with all my team and explain the same to them. This is shameful and such ethical practices are disgusting. I also have a strict policy against taking pictures of kids without there parents approval.

I also condemn the incident where Brinda Rai was injured at the airport. Somewhere we have lost control and in the mad rush of competition, we have crossed our lines. Yesterday I crossed the line by publishing your image which was under contract.

All other photographers present there followed you, respected you and did not click. But we were the nasty and cheap ones to do this act.I beg for mercy and forgiveness on behalf of my photographer as the fault lies in me for releasing those images and not deleting them.


(Source: http://bit.ly/2bhIUt1) 

And Big B was prompt in his dignified response to the apology:

I have to admit that in my entire professional career of 47 years, I have never ever received such an apology or an acknowledgement.Thank you for your honesty and the respect that you have found in my heart. This is a rare occurrence, and I shall always treasure it.

I seek your permission to print this letter of yours, on my Social Media platforms, not because it comes in my favor, but because it sets a wonderful example on the credibility and ethics of the media – something that I have sincerely believed in.

I would understand your dis allowance if you were to negate this request.

Thank you again

With great regard and admiration

Amitabh Bachchan

Viral gave his consent to me to print his apology .. I am grateful .. thank you

(Source: http://bit.ly/2bhIUt1

He expressed the same through his tweet also,

(Feature image source: Facebook)