“Sahi baat ko sahi waqt pe kiya jaaye toh uska mazaa hi kuch aur hai, aur main sahi waqt ka intezaar karta hoon.” – Amitabh Bachchan, Trishul

You gotta believe when the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan says that! Looks like, the Shahenshah applies his dialogues to his social media life as well. Anyone who follows Big B on Twitter would know that the actor keeps tweeting throwback pictures from various stages of his life every now and then. But this time, he decided to bombard us with not just one, but several of those pictures and we are absolutely loving it.

“Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge…todenge dam magar tera saath na chhodenge!” – Sholay

That intense gaze is a total killer.

When the angry young man turned into a total poser and aced it like a boss!

 Because Autographs > Photographs, for life. 

Modesty like this is a tough find these days.

He also took us to the the Kapoor khandaan doorstep, where legends were in the making.

I’m gonna sip some cola, cuz this is how legends meet. And it’s no big deal!

Read the text posted by Big B on this Tweet. And now imagine him saying “he he”. I CAN’T, I JUST CAN’T!

If this film could work out, it would have certainly packed a solid punch at the box office. 

Thank you, Sr. Bachchan, for making us a part of your time travel. You will always be the Shahenshah of our hearts!