Bigg Boss 16 housemates are supremely entertaining with their perpetual struggles amidst vulnerable emotions and unsteady bonds. Over the past month, we’ve seen many friendships, chemistries, and even shades of romance budding inside the BB 16 house. While it’s too soon to label any equation as love, fans outside are already rooting for their favourite couples.

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So, here are the budding romances we’ve been seeing forming, breaking, and sustaining inside the BB 16 house.

1. Priyanka & Ankit

It’s safe to say that PriyAnkit is one of the most popular couples inside and outside the BB 16 house. Their friendship and chemistry come across as genuine to the viewers. While the two maintain they’re not in any relationship and that they care for each other too much, their bond suggests otherwise.

We’ve been seeing their equation evolve in the last month. Priyanka has often expressed her emotions for her Udaariyan co-star. While Ankit used to remain mum about the same earlier, he’s now vocally owning up to it.

Priyanka and Ankit Priyankit couple lBigg Boss 16
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In yesterday’s episode, we saw Priyanka upset with Ankit for accepting Nimrit’s birthday wish when the latter was cussing her a day before. However, the actors seemed to have resolved the issues by the end of the episode. We can say that while both Priyanka and Ankit have strong and different POVs, they find their way back to each other and hug it out every time.

2. Soundarya & Gautam

Having been labelled fake and unreal multiple times, Gautam and Soundarya continue to stick around each other. The chemistry between the two sprung during the initial weeks of BB 16 when Gautam confessed his attraction to Soundarya. Since then, the actor has felt insecure and possessive about Shiv and Shalin’s proximity towards Soundarya quite a few times. In a weekend episode, KJo lashed out at him for trying to malign Soundarya’s image by calling her ‘free-spirited.’ Karan also called their relationship unreal since they went to the loo together without removing their mics.

After Gautam gambled the house ration to buy more time to prove his feelings for Soundarya, the house rallied against him when Soundarya stood by his side. That week they were called to justify and explain their equation at multiple junctures, but they withered the storm together.

Gautam Vig Soundarya Sharma Bigg Boss 16
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While they are often at odds with each other, the audience supports them and does not really consider their relationship fake.

3. Tina & Shalin

In the case of Tina and Shalin, it’s not yet clear what kind of equation the couple share. The two maintain they’re just friends, while their conversations, at times, suggest otherwise. In the hostel task, Shalin had wanted to propose to Tina. Even during the initial days of the season, the actor dropped an abrupt ‘I love you’ to Tina.

BB 16 Tina Datta Shalin Bhanot
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Several guests have also taken digs at the two for being together while they’ve neither accepted nor denied it. Amid rising speculations about their relationship, Tina got concerned about her image when Shalin clarified to the audience that there’s nothing and they just like each other’s company. After Sumbul gave ration to a fellow contestant over Tina, she got pissed at Shalin. Since then, they’ve been at odds with each other.

In the audience’s front, there are digressing opinions. There are fans who’re shipping the two, but there are also many who consider their relationship fake.

4. Nimrit & Abdu

Now coming over to the most adorable bond of the season, the one between Abdu and Nimrit. The two have genuine admiration and affection for each other. Right from the start, Abdu has been vocal about his feelings for Nimrit while persistently maintaining he only likes her as a friend.

In one of the recent episodes, Abdu’s co-contestant counselled him. He suggested that he (Abdu) must not fall in love since Nimrit already has someone outside, and she’s just fond of him. While Abdu silently dodged that conversation, his endearment towards Nimrit is pretty apparent, especially since the two are now a part of the same group. While allocating duties as a captain, Abdu gave Nimrit the small duty of cleaning his own room. Even during the nomination task, Abdu saved Nimrit with MC Stan and Shiv, declaring them his favourite housemates.

BB 16 Abdu Rozik Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia Gautam Vig
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Even while allocating duties as a captain, Abdu gave Nimrit the small duty of cleaning his own room. Even during the nomination task, Abdu saved Nimrit with MC Stan and Shiv, declaring them his favourite housemates.

Housemates, guests, and even Salman Khan have teased Abdu about his equation with Nimrit. Some contestants have alleged that Nimrit is using Abdu for footage. However, the audience adores their bond.

5. Sumbul & Shalin

Although now it is clear that the two are just friends, the article remains incomplete without mentioning the offbeat bond between Shalin and Sumbul. Call it the house-built narrative or a genuine shade of chemistry, the audience sensed a budding equation between the two during the initial Bigg Boss episodes. However, after Tina confronted Shalin about the same, the actor began distancing himself from Sumbul, leaving her all clueless and perplexed.

After Sumbul’s dad graced the weekend episode, the actress cleared she never felt anything about Shalin romantically. Although this conversation is now old, housemates often mention the Sumbul-Shalin equation. Even in the recent episode, Tina took jibes at Shalin for giving his jacket to Sumbul.

BB 16 Shalin Bhanot Sumbul Touqeer
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Since Shalin’s unnecessary outburst at Sumbul for Tina, the duo are at odds with each other. Here’s what the audience says about their friendship.

It’d be interesting to see which of these bonds last inside the Bigg Boss house. Who are you shipping for?

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