Who is your favourite Bigg Boss 16 contestant? Well! I know it’s a difficult question to answer, especially if you’re a part of no fandom and watch the reality show from a neutral POV. But we all can agree on one thing – like it or not, Archana Gautam is one of the most entertaining BB 16 contestants.

Be it annoying the eff out of housemates by constantly disagreeing or being her unabashed and gutsy self in calling out everyone, Archana surely grabs much of the screen time in BB 16. And while it does get irritating AF at times, we can’t imagine navigating the show without her hyperactive presence.

Safe to say, the house would feel dull without Archana Gautam. Remember when she got ejected? Here’s a look back at 8 times Archana rebelled against her Bigg Boss 16 housemates in the most entertaining way possible.

1. That time when Archana rebelled against Abdu’s captaincy.

While no housemate tries to mess with Abdu Rozik cos of the singer’s massive popularity, Archana emerged as the only contestant who began calling him out on the unfair allocation of duties during his captaincy. She started annoying Abdu one morning, stating that she heard the wake-up alarm, but he was not waking his sleeping friends. Later, when other housemates tried to get her up from bed when she was not even sleeping, she asked the group of housemates to stop barking. However, they took the conversation elsewhere and made it an issue of her language. Finally, Archana burst into laughter, seeing housemates frustrated with her for no reason. She called them chamchas.

Archana Gautam Bigg Boss 16 contestant
Archana’s hilarious outburst | Voot – Bigg Boss 16

2. When Archana called Shiv ‘sapola’ but he fought with Priyanka.

During the delivery task, housemates were supposed to choose one of two contestants to deliver the ration. After MC Stan chose another housemate over his friend Gori Nagori, Archana whispered to the latter that Stan couldn’t understand the one he was trusting (Shiv) was a baby snake. BB then took a dig at Archana and asked her to repeat what she was telling Gori. Unsurprisingly, she had no hesitation in doing so.

Archana Gautam Gori Nagori Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

While calling out Archana, Shiv, out of nowhere, took gibes at Priyanka, and the two began arguing. Archana then sneaked into her room and burst into laughter with Soundarya. She was amused at how smoothly a fight between her and Shiv turned into an argument between him and Priyanka.

Bigg Boss 16 Archana Gautam Soundarya Sharma
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

3. That time when Archana’s fierce rebellion against Shiv got her captaincy.

Shiv’s captaincy wasn’t easy since Archana left no stone unturned in creating a scene. After multiple wake-up alarms and warnings, Shiv blatantly told BB that Archana wasn’t listening and there was only so much he could do. Bigg Boss then gave Shiv an opportunity to punish rebellious housemates. Archana got punished to be in jail, and she went inside with ‘style.’ Besides, she had a gala time inside her so-called prison. As a punishment (or reward), Shiv got dismissed, and Archana got the captaincy.

BB 16 Archana
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

4. When Archana took vengeance on housemates for disturbing her sleep.

LOL. That was epic!

Bigg Boss Archana rebellious moments
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

5. That time when Archana became the first contestant to be nominated in BB 16.

Right from her dapper entry, the audience understood that Archana Gautam isn’t the one to take things lightly. Soon after her entrance in the house, she argued with Captain Nimrit about the allocation of beds. As a result, Nimrit used her special power to nominate her directly. But Archana, being Archana, took it as a compliment.

Bigg Boss 16 Archana angry
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

6. When Archana literally stole adrak from the common ration and gave the lamest excuse.

We all know how obsessed Archana is with her ginger. But do you remember the initial days of the season when the woman actually stole the spice from the house ration? And she was legit defending it with the lamest of excuses.

Bigg Boss 16 Archana Gautam funny moments
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

She was adamant that the stolen ginger was hers and that BB would scold her if she returned it.

Bigg Boss 16 Gautam Vig Archana Gautam
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

7. When Archana had issues with Sumbul making the flour dough in the open.

Archana was on a roll during Gautam‘s captaincy. That day, she called out people left, right, and centre. And it was not only the housemates who got agitated with her constant poking but the OG Bigg Boss too. BB then asked an interesting question from the housemates. Eventually, BB himself exclaimed, ‘Shut up Archana!’

Bigg Boss 16 Archana pissed
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

Archana was asked to zip it until BB ordered otherwise.

Archana BB 16
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

8. Archana’s personal problem with Shalin’s chicken obsession.

We all know how Shalin is absolutely obsessed with his 150 gm chicken. While BB, housemates, and even Salman Khan have called him out several times, Archana’s frustration with Shalin is the most epic of all. Once, when BB called Shalin into the confession room and asked him to STFU with his chicken rant, Archana got pissed too. She asked Shalin to return to his palace if he participated in BB to eat food and have chicken.

Bigg boss 16 Archana Gautam funny Shalin Bhanot chicken
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

Which is your favourite Archana moment?

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