One of the most remarkable changes in Bigg Boss 16, as compared to the previous seasons, is BB’s new mic-drop avatar. Earlier, Bigg Boss was just a mute spectator who’d only interrupt if housemates flouted rules or if any situation got out of hand. But, this time, the GOAT BB is in his hyperactive mode. He’s constantly calling out contestants and taking digs at some of their ridiculous habits. And truth be told, we’re loving this new shade from BB.

Now BB contestants get scrutinised left, right, and centre by the avid fan base of the reality show. But this time, Bigg Boss himself has become the biggest troller of the housemates. Here are epic Bigg Boss moments from season 16 (so far), where ‘BB rocked, housemates were legit shocked!

1. When BB pulled Archana’s leg for always being the last person to enter the living area during announcements.

If you remember, he had once also punished her to hear the entire announcement from the kitchen area.

bigg boss 16 Archana
Bigg Boss 16 – Voot

2. When BB taunted Ankit and Gori after allocating them as court judges.

Ankit and Gori were the first set of judges in the BB proceedings against Captain Gautam. But before allocating them to their esteemed positions, Bigg Boss taunted the duo over their usual reluctance to express on the house issues.

Moreover, after Ankit and Gori passed a judgement in favour of lawyer MC Stan, BB grilled them again for taking a blind decision.

BB 16 contestants - Ankit Gupta Gori Nagori
Bigg Boss 16 – Voot

3. When BB took a jibe at Shalin’s overacting.

Two things that are often associated with Shalin Bhanot inside the Bigg Boss house: chicken and overacting. In the past few days, we have seen the actor persistently annoying BB with his demands of 150 grams of chicken. So, exasperated, Bigg Boss called him to the confession room and took a dig at him in front of the housemates.

bigg boss 16 shalin bhanot
Bigg Boss 16 – Voot

4. When BB made a mic-drop remark before inviting Ankit to the nominations task.

Now, silence and Ankit are often viewed as being synonymous with each other barring the past few days. In this week ‘backstabbing’ nomination task, BB took a dig at multiple contestants before inviting them to nominate. But the most hilarious one was his comment on Ankit and his deep silence. He joked that the process of Ankit nominating could take hours, and there’s a risk of housemates falling asleep.

Bigg Boss 16 Ankit Gupta
Bigg Boss 16 – Voot

5. That time when Bigg Boss asked Archana to STFU!

In complete contrast to Ankit’s silence is Archana’s shrill voice that perpetually echoes inside the BB household. In the second week of Bigg Boss 16, BB asked the housemates to name one contestant whose voice they found the most irritating. Unsurprisingly, most of them took Archana’s name, and she was asked to take a maun vrat. Seeing her protest despite the announcement, BB himself asked Archana to STFU.

BB 16 Archana
Bigg Boss 16 – Voot

6. When BB gave a hilarious punishment to Soundarya and Nimrit for persistently conversing in English despite multiple reminders.

One of the primary rules inside the Bigg Boss house is to communicate in Hindy for a Hindi audience. However, Nimrit and especially Soundarya, have often been spotted conversing in English. One day in week 4, BB got tired of reminding the duo to speak in Hindi. So he came up with a quirky punishment for the two ladies. He asked them to seek forgiveness from the Indian audience.

While the punishment seemed light-hearted, BB was grave in his tone. And the housemates went gaga hearing the duo apologize. The funniest bit was BB asking them to narrate the same sentence at 3X speed.

Nimrit Soundarya BB 16

7. That moment when BB legit yawned to let housemates know they were boring AF.

Bigg Boss has always maintained a serious demeanour with occasional jibes at housemates. Unlike previous seasons, this time, we have been seeing the OG BB getting more and more candid with the housemates. One day, he legit yawned while making an announcement to let them know that they were boring the audience. He then asked them to give him some gossip to keep him awake.

Now, if hearing a yawning BB isn’t hilarious AF, what is?

Bigg Boss 16 housemates
Bigg Boss 16 – Voot

8. That moment when BB assigned Priyanka the duty to ensure that Ankit spoke at least 1000 words a day.

We know how Ankit prefers to be a silent observer rather than becoming a vocal fighter. And housemates, including the host Salman Khan, have called him out for being an introvert in a show that requires one to express opinions to remain in the limelight. BB often takes a dig at Ankit’s silence, but one of the most memorable ones was during the initial episodes. Hearing the audience’s feedback, BB legit assigned Ankit’s BFF, Priyanka, the duty to ensure he spoke a minimum of 1000 words everyday.

Bigg Boss Ankit and Priyanka
Bigg Boss 16 – Voot

Aren’t y’all just loving the brand-new NEVER SEEN BEFORE BB avatar? It’s like he’s now waiting for the contestants to mess it up so that he grills them harder than before. And it has just been a month; we can only imagine what Bigg Boss will do to the contestants in the upcoming days.

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