Each Bigg Boss 16 episode is like a rollercoaster ride, with contestants delivering their A-game every episode. By now, most of us are familiar with BB housemates and their gameplay. While we associate Ankit Gupta with silence, loudness seems synonymous with Archana Gautam.

But since New Year is just around the corner, we’ve thought of the perfect resolutions that’d suit these BB contestants. Cos, why not?

1. Ankit Gupta: 2000 words a day

Ankit Gupta Bigg Boss 16 contestant
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

Remember the initial days of the season when Bigg Boss asked Priyanka to ensure that Ankit speaks 1000 words a day? Well! Now that Ankit has finally begun speaking, we’re all loving it & don’t want him to stop. His one-liners are a vibe, and his opinions are almost always to the point. Hence, we want him to increase his speaking capacity by 100%.

2. Archana Gautam: Take A Chill Pill

Archana Gautam BB contestants
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Now Archana knows no chill when it comes to the kitchen. Or the tasks. Or the housemates. Or literally anything. While at times, she’s found speaking for the right, other times, her muddas are unnecessary. Salman Khan also once scorned her saying she jeopardises her right stance with foul language. So, if there’s anyone who needs to chillax, it’s Archana Gautam.

3. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia: Play Solo For A Change

Nimrit BB 16 contestants
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

While Nimrit is undoubtedly a strong and opinionated personality, she often gets shadowed by her group. Her desire to play with a team alongside her friends has often been called out by co-contestants, including the host Salman Khan. Kaur began playing with her friends, Soundarya & Gautam, and now she’s a part of the so-called mandli. Perhaps, it may do her good to function independently.

4. MC Stan: Stop Saying You Wanna Go Home

Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

MC Stan is one of the most viral contestants from Bigg Boss 16. The rapper has a huge fan following, but he doesn’t want to stay in the show. In one of the recent episodes, Stan expressed his willingness to pay 2 crores to get out of the house. He has mentioned his desire to quit multiple times. The truth is that his fans wish to see him playing. We hope he stops insisting on quitting the show.

5. Tina Datta: Own Up To Mistakes

Tina Datta Bigg Boss 16 contestants
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

Nobody is perfect. While housemates admit to goofing up every now and then, Tina is often hesitant to own up to her mistakes. The housemates have called her out for this quite a few times but to no avail. Be it admitting to gossiping about Sumbul or bitching about people behind their backs, the actress is quick to point out the mistakes of others but doesn’t see her faults easily.

6. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary: Let Others Speak

Priyanka BB Contestants
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Without a doubt, Priyanka is one of the most popular contestants this season. However, she’s frequently called out for her impatience to pass opinions, even on matters unrelated to her. Whenever the actress finds something goofy, she’s quick to point it out. Often in an argument, she gets so loud that others don’t even get the chance to speak.

7. Shalin Bhanot: Admit You’re Not Dumb & You Understand Everything

Shalin Bhanot BB contestant
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

While Shalin has made claims about his intelligence, he has also been seen as clueless when in a spot. In the whole Sumbul fiasco, the actor said he had no clue about what went on. The housemates have also accused him of playing the dumb card. At other times, his observations and cleverness have won him tasks. Hence, admitting that he knows what he’s doing might be the perfect resolution for him.

8. Shiv Thakare: Play For Yourself Before You Play For Others

Shiv Bigg Boss 16 housemates
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

Shiv seems to be the glue of his group, the so-called mandli. He’s the guy who holds everyone together. But often, the Marathi BB Winner gets trapped into fighting the fights of his team members. Both BB and Salman Khan have called him out for this. He also doesn’t point out the mistakes of his friends candidly. It might be great for him to let his friends play their own battles while supporting them throughout.

What New Year resolution will you want to give your favourite contestant?

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