Bigg Boss 16 has been airing long enough for the audience to associate quirky traits with each contestant. Be it for their peculiar habits or out-of-the-box dialogues – BB 16 housemates have given us way too many viral moments to relish.

So keeping their eccentric traits in mind, we have come up with taglines for these 8 Bigg Boss 16 contestants. Which one can you relate to?

1. Shalin Bhanot: Chicken, Chicken Hota Hai!

Bigg Boss 16 Shalin Bhanot
Voot | Bigg Boss 16

One thing that is crystal clear for the BB 16 viewers is that Shalin Bhanot loves his 150 grams of chicken. He just can’t live without it. And his obsession is so intense that he doesn’t mind constantly hovering over Bigg Boss’ head with his demands. He once legit expected BB to send his extra chicken separately when he was called into the confession room for some grilling and fact-check. Although after multiple call-outs, Shalin is now relatively quiet about chicken love, we all saw his happiness in receiving kebabs as a birthday gift.

2. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary: I, Me, & Myself.

BB 16 Priyanka Chahar Choudhary
Voot | Bigg Boss 16

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is one of the most vocal contestants in Bigg Boss 16. Her highly opinionated demeanour has often landed her in fierce tiffs with many housemates, including her BFF Ankit Gupta. She takes a lot of stands, sometimes even on issues that are nowhere related to her. Several housemates have often accused her of excessively portraying herself as the most righteous human. While the audience is divided on this bit, Priyanka definitely is one of the most popular contestants of BB 16.

3. Abdu Rozik: Aashiq Hun Main, Kaatil Bhi Hoon; Sabke Dilon Mein Shamil Bhi Hoon.

BB 16 Abdu Rozik
Voot | Bigg Boss 16

Since Day 1, Abdu has been acing the entertainment game. In fact, the man used to take the maximum screen time at the beginning of the season. Even now, Abdu’s scenes become a moment of respite for the BB audience. While other housemates have been changing as per different twists and turns, Abdu has remained the same right from the start. His friends are the same, his antics are the same, his involvement is the same, and so on. Guests, contestants, and even host Salman Khan have praised Abdu for his contribution to the house.

4. Soundarya Sharma: Veganism Is The Secret Of My Energy.

BIgg Boss 16 contestant Soundarya Sharma
Voot | Bigg Boss 16

One thing Soundarya is exceedingly particular about is her vegan food. She’s possessive about her diet, and it often gets mentioned whenever BB sends the weekly ration to the housemates. Once BB even stopped sending vegan food to punish her. Besides, we also know the dentist-actress is quite energetic. Ever since Gautam made that infamous decision to gamble with house ration to prove his relationship, Soundarya has really come out in the forefront, and the audience loves her for it.

5. Ankit Gupta: They Call Me The King Of One-Liners.

BB 16 Ankit Gupta one-liners
Voot | Bigg Boss 16

Now, if it were the initial days of October, I might have left Ankit’s tagline as mere three dots (…), signifying blankness. However, after being called out by BB, housemates, and Salman Khan, Ankit Gupta has really improved his game. The audience now sees him as an intelligent and opinionated person whose observations are always on point. He doesn’t like to engage in fights much, but his epic one-liners are enough to settle all arguments with victory landing on his side.

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6. Archana Gautam: Ye Dil Maange ‘Mor.’

Archana Gautam Bigg Boss 16
Voot | Bigg Boss 16

Archana is truly an entertainment queen. She doesn’t hesitate one bit in rebelling against housemates, even if she’s the only one who does so. During the first few days of the season, whenever Archana Gautam landed in fierce brawls — which was quite often — she exclaimed, ‘maar ke mor bana doongi!’ Her mor dialogue struck chords with the audience and got viral.

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7. MC Stan: Main. Jhukega. Nai.

MC Stan Bb 16
Voot | Bigg Boss 16

With his dapper style and rapper vibe, MC Stan is also one of the popular contestants of BB 16. His ‘I feel you bro’ and ‘P-Town baby‘ have connected with the audience on social media. The audience likes Stan for his fearless demeanour. They like him for staying true to himself and presenting his most authentic unabashed self without whitewashing anything.

8. Tina Datta: Main Apni Favourite Hun!

Tina Datta Bigg Boss 16 contestant
Voot | Bigg Boss 16

One prominent thing about Tina Datta from BB 16 is that she’s very particular about how she’s being portrayed outside. She has repeatedly expressed her concerns over the same. Additionally, Tina is very confident about her game inside the BB 16 house. She was once spotted calling herself a brand in a conversation with Shalin. She’s also convinced that she will last long inside the BB house. Although Tina does have a significant fan base, she currently seems to be playing on the back-foot. What do you think about it?

Who is your favourite Bigg Boss 16 contestant?

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