Bigg Boss 16 is pulsating with high-voltage drama. With guests like Fahmaan & The Golden Boys entering the house, the housemates are dying to know the gossip from the outside world. But that’s not gonna come easy with BB and his third eye gaping at the contestants 24X7.

Events in the past couple of weeks have housemates so perturbed that they are desperately seeking relief from each and every guest. While that may not be possible for the contestants, it is possible for us to discuss their challenges & ‘issues’ inside the BB house.

So buckle up as we venture into memory lane and skim through what has really been bothering housemates these days.

1. Nimrit does not really trust Tina.

Bigg Boss 16 Nimrit queen
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

This week we witnessed a major twist in equations as Tina & Shalin parted ways with Shiv & his mandli after he made the decision to make Nimrit the new queen of the house. While Shiv had never really trusted Tina, Nimrit’s distrust in her grew gradually. She feels Tina has a habit of making things count and that their friendship seems more like a business deal.

2. Tina feels backstabbed.

BB 16 Tina Datta
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Tina desperately wanted to become the new queen. She had made her desire known to her friends and other housemates as well. However, when Shiv announced his decision to make Nimrit the new queen, she felt ditched and let down. Post that incident, Tina and Shalin separated ways from Shiv and his group. They also keep taunting each other.

3. A dad’s call.

Bigg Boss 16 Sumbul Dad call
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Last week, Sumbul got a call from his father in the confession room on the pretext that he was sick and his condition was serious. During the call, her dad nudged her to show a mirror to Shalin & Tina. He also cussed them for the way he felt they treated his daughter. Days after the incident, BB showed the footage of the call & chaos unfolded. Furious & outraged, Shalin & Tina yelled at Sumbul and criticised the entire affair. From that day, Sumbul has not been engaging with either of them for anything.

4. Archana yearns for a fair game.

BB 16 Archana Gautam moments
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The most active contestant, Archana Gautam, feels BB is biased towards Shiv and his group. In the last few days, we saw her unhappy with the show. She was visibly let down when Salman Khan did not address how other contestants humiliated her for housework. This week, Archana again called out BB when he punished her, Ankit, Priyanka, Soundarya, and Shalin for sleeping. She feels that other housemates also break rules, but Bigg Boss doesn’t mind them. Later, Archana apologised for her allegation.

5. Ankit & Priyanka fight.

BB 16 Priyanka Ankit couple contestants
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

Ankit & Priyanka recently had one of their most fierce arguments resulting in the duo not talking with each other for days at a stretch. Their disagreement sparked when Archana mimicked Ankit & Priyanka laughed. He felt it was not fair of Priyanka to make fun of him when she couldn’t take the same on herself. A little clash of opinions led to a grave argument. Priyanka later expressed that Ankit should vocalise his emotions whenever he feels bad, while he got hurt when she implied that he was being fake inside the house. However, the audience’s favourite BB 16 Jodi has now patched up.

6. Queen Nimrit’s reign.

Bigg Boss 16 Nimrit captain
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

After Shiv announced his decision to make Nimrit the new queen, chaos unfolded. The housemates were pissed with Shiv and his group for making the captaincy or, as they now call it, the Raja-Rani task all about themselves. Other housemates felt everyone should get the opportunity to become kings and queens and announced that they did not consider Nimrit their queen.

7. Shalin & Tina’s Lovestory 2050.

BB 16 lovestories shalin tina
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Shalin and Tina’s equation is the most perplexing bond in the house. The duo have often implied having feelings for each other, but they have also contradicted their statements multiple times. Sometimes, they’re in love, and other times, they’re just friends. In the last few weeks, housemates have expressed their doubts about the authenticity of their relationship and wondered if it’s only for the show. Recently, the duo resolved their differences with a confession of feelings and a long hug.

8. Archana’s obsession with kitchen.

bb16 Archana Priyanka friendship fights
Bigg Boss 16 | Voot

The audience may find Archana supremely entertaining, but she’s the most annoying for the housemates. Being very particular about food and the kitchen, Archana can’t help but remind housemates to keep it neat and clean. She doesn’t want her chapatis from the stale dough and seeks that housemates maintain the kitchen the way she desires. This often gets to the nerves of the other contestants, and she lands into furious brawls. But the woman is unstoppable!

Even amidst these multiple undercurrent plots, the housemates are giving loads of entertainment and drama in their quest to hold the BB 16 trophy. The show gets spicier each day. But tell us, who’s your favourite contestant?

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