Bigg Boss 16 has been ruling our television screens since Day 1. So far, the new season has been all about love, gossip, fights, and sure-shot blockbuster entertainment. You would have noticed that the equations inside the BB house keep fluctuating, but the drama is perpetually brewing. The show gets spicier each episode, with contestants giving us loads of masaaledaar content to binge.

As we eagerly wait for Salman Ka Vaar and the Diwali special weekend episode today, let’s have a quick recap of what has been brewing in the household these days.

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1. Tina Datta & Shalin Bhanot: All good in the hood.

With the grace of Shiv Thakare‘s master planning, ever since the rooms got shuffled, the apparent lovebirds, Tina and Shalin, have been at odds. With Shalin spending more time with Sumbul Touqeer, it’s no denying that the audience could sense some insecurity as Tina & group teased Sumbul about doing an ‘overtime’ with them. However, after BB revealed to Tina the condition of her pet, Shalin lent a hand of emotional support to her. Even BB called the duo to the confession room and asked them to resolve their brawl. It seems like all is good in the hood now.

2. Archana and Priyanka’s rebellion.

It’s no secret that Shiv’s captaincy was far from smooth. When BB housemates disrupted the sleep of Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Archana Gautam, the duo decided to teach them a taste of their own medicine. They made a resolve to not let housemates sleep for the entire night. Archana even broke the cigarette lighter and banged plates with a spoon to create noise and chaos.

The next morning, the two ladies started an open rebellion against Shiv’s captaincy. They kept sleeping, and Priyanka even denied doing her duty on time.

3. Shiv gets fired from his captaincy.

Upon seeing Archana and Priyanka openly flouting rules, Shiv made several attempts to restore peace in the household. He even spilled some water on Archana to wake her up, but the woman stood her ground. When BB intervened, Shiv got the opportunity to punish the rule-breakers. Unwillingly, he punished Priyanka to be inside a box and locked Archana in jail. However, seeing Archana getting luxurious treatment inside the jail, BB fired Shiv for his incompetency.

4. Archana becomes the new captain but the house rebels.

As a punishment, BB appointed Archana as the new captain of the BB house. He wanted him to become a leader and actually do what she preached to other captains. As Archana took the reins of the house, the housemates rebelled. They stole chocolate and fruits from the captain’s room, openly spoke in English, and created noise after hours to make her captaincy difficult.

5. Love is in the air.

It needs no expert to tell that romance is brewing inside the Bigg Boss 16 house. Apart from Tina and Shalin, the audience adores the chemistry between Udaariyan co-stars Ankit Gupta and Priyanka. Moreover, Abdu Rozik crushing over Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia has the audience in complete awe.

But enough with the recap, let’s see what is there in store for us today.

1. Karan Johar will take Gori’s class for unnecessarily provocating Archana.

We know how Archana and Gori Nagori are not at all on good terms with each other. In today’s episode, Gori is gonna try her best to destroy Archana’s captaincy. She will follow Archana around and try to instigate her unnecessarily. But later, KJo will take Gori’s class for her behavior. He will ask housemates if Gori’s provocation is with an intent to hurt or not.

2. Priyanka needs mann ki safayi

Apparently, Karan Johar will also be entering the BB house in today’s episode. He will ask the contestants about a housemate they think needs mann ki safayi. Bigg Boss has released a promo where Nimrit, MC Stan, and Tina can be heard saying that it’s Priyanka who desperately needs mann ki safaayi. Stan says, “mere ko mann bhi saaf karne ka, unka dimaag bhi saaf karne ka.”

3. Karan Johar promises an entertianment ka level-up for the Diwali weekend.

Yes, we all expected to see Salman and KJo sharing the screen yesterday on a Friday Ka Vaar episode. But apparently, the housemates had loads of spicy content to give before an even more exciting weekend. Today, Karan Johar will be entertaining us all in the Diwali special episode. Additionally, you can also expect to see the Bhediya star-cast Kriti Sanon & Varun Dhawan promoting their upcoming film.

Gosh! Some blockbuster content is on the table for a Diwali special weekend. Tune in today to watch KJo giving us a major throwback of Bigg Boss OTT as he enters the BB 16 house.

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