Contestants locked inside the Bigg Boss 16 house are trying to put their best foot forward amid turbulent rivalries and jaw-dropping twists. So far, something that has remained constant since the beginning of BB 16 is fluctuating relationships. One never knows how friends today become big-time foes tomorrow. But that’s how the show operates.

Bigg Boss 16 rivalries
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Because of these vulnerable equations, several feuds have emerged between housemates. Sometimes, cos of different POVs and other times because of general dislike for each other. But, whatever the case may be, these brawls surely didn’t fail to entertain us all.

Keeping this in mind, here are the most epic rivalries we’ve seen in Bigg Boss 16 so far.

1. Nimrit versus Priyanka

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia versus Priyanka Chahar Choudhary emerged as the first rivalry in BB 16. Hardly have these two fierce ladies ever been on talking terms with each other. Be it disagreements of opinions or tiffs on ration, these two contestants have been at odds since the beginning of the season. While Priyanka finds Nimrit rude, the latter finds her irritating. While dynamics inside Bigg Boss 16 change frequently, Priyanka and Nimrit’s rivalry has stood the test of time.

Bigg Boss 16 rivalries Priyanka & Nimrit
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2. Gautam versus Shalin

The now-changed dynamics between former friends Gautam Vig & Shalin Bhanot scream the story of friends turning foes. While the pair used to share a brotherly bond at the beginning of the season, the two can’t stand each other anymore. After multiple tumultuous tiffs and half-hearted patch-ups, Shalin and Gautam are now rivals in the open. They look for ways to nominate and put each other down. While Gautam finds Shalin fake, the latter views him as a backstabber.

BB 16 rivalries Gautam and Shalin fight
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3. Shiv versus Priyanka

In the past couple of weeks, a strong rivalry has emerged between Shiv and Priyanka. The two are frequently seen fighting with one another. They don’t leave any stone unturned in passing sly taunts and calling each other out. While Shiv often pokes Priyanka by bad-mouthing Ankit, the latter frequently calls him out for being the mandli-leader and fighting battles for others. 

Bigg Boss 16 rivalry Shiv Priyanka fight
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4. Tina versus Soundarya

During the initial days of the season, the audience could sense a group between Gautam, Shalin, Tina, and Soundarya. However, what could have been a strong team of four failed miserably with their lack of support and internal conflicts with each other. Moreover, we all know about the budding romance between Gautam & Soundarya and Shalin & Tina. But Shalin’s occasional flirting with Soundarya (when the group existed) also made things worse.

Eventually, the group ended with a rivalry between the two couples. Along with Shalin and Gautam’s apparent disputes, Soundarya and Tina began dissing each other. They never missed a moment to bash one another, both on the face and behind the back. Presently, Soundarya and Tina are part of different teams and can’t stand each other.

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Bigg Boss Tina and Soundarya
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5. Shiv versus Shalin

Shiv and Shalin have a history of not being on good terms with one another. A couple of weeks back, Shalin and Shiv were often seen arguing with each other. Shiv was pissed with Shalin’s ‘overacting,’ and he didn’t miss an opportunity to call him out at various junctures. Although the two play from the same team now, Shiv recently admitted that he still doesn’t like Shalin Bhanot. The BB Marathi Winner thinks Shalin will soon change colours and befriend Priyanka.

Shiv Shalin Bigg Boss 16
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6. Nimrit versus Gautam

Nimrit and Gautam are the second example of BFFs turning foes. The two shared a lovely equation until Gautam started developing feelings for Soundarya, and Nimrit felt left out. In one of the weekend episodes, Nimrit was also told that she was coming across as Gautam’s shadow. Post that episode, the equation between the two friends began changing colours. Gautam’s objections to Nimrit’s friendship with Shiv made things worse. Eventually, their friendship broke apart after multiple arguments. The two now play from different sides and choose not to speak with one another.

Nimrit Gautam friendship fight BB 16
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7. Manya versus Soundarya

While Manya got evicted from BB 16 during the Diwali weekend, the audience saw a bitter rivalry between her and Soundarya during her short stint. Manya was one of the first contestants to call Gautam and Soundarya’s relationship fake. She also made some mean remarks about Soundarya when the actress-dentist revealed they shared some connection from the past. While Manya called Soundarya’s relationship fake, the latter called her insecure.

Bigg Boss 16 Manya Soundarya fight
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8. Archana versus the ENTIRE household

Lastly, we have a contestant who’s against the entire house. She’s none other than Archana Gautam. Apparently, Archana is the only housemate who has had arguments and issues with every contestant inside the BB 16 house. Although the audience loves her for her upfront demeanour, she makes the place unlivable for her fellow housemates, who often get frustrated with her constant poking. Recently, Archana was also ejected from the house cos of physical violence, but she was brought back last weekend.

BB16 Archana Gautam
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Which is the most entertaining rivalry?

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