Can you imagine Bigg Boss 16 without Salman Khan? Ever since the GOAT host Salman Khan graced the reality show in season 4, it became the desi audience’s favourite. None of us can now imagine seeing BB weekend episodes without Salman Khan guiding the contestants over their weekly performances.

Salman Khan BB host

Inside the madhouse, it’s not uncommon for housemates to lose themselves in the spur of the moment. The challenges in the BB-house are designed such that they bring out the worst in every person. And during those aggressive moments, contestants end up crossing boundaries. They forget that cameras, their mute spectators, have a 24X7 license to capture even the worst bits of their personalities for consumption by millions across India and the world.

This is when Salman Khan walks into the weekend episodes to give them a piece of mind. But at times, he himself gets aggravated with housemates’ non-listening attitude and highly problematic deeds.

Salman Khan angry Bigg Boss 16

Keeping those contexts in mind, here are 10 times Salman Khan lost his cool while talking to Bigg Boss contestants.

1. When Salman Khan got exhasperated with Imam Siddiqui’s demeaning ‘time-out.’

In one of the weekend episodes preceding the BB 6 finale, Salman Khan asked contestants to nominate each other in the open (as opposed to then-usual confession room nominations). The fashion stylist arrogantly named Niketan, who was already a captain. He said Niketan should be thrown out of the house. Salman reminded him that a captain could not be nominated, but Imam was adamant. He also snubbed about how he had cast SRK and Preity Zinta and how he’ll win the show as his guesswork is always correct. He even infamously said, “time-out Salman Bhai” with a demeaning gesture repeatedly, which triggered the actor.

Salman lost his cool. He asked Imam to do an attitude check while conversing with him. Furthermore, he said SRK and Preity Zinta got famous on their own terms and not because Imam had cast them once. It was one of the first few times we saw Salman losing his temper like that.

2. When Salman warned Colors TV against casting Priyanka Jagga EVER AGAIN.

In BB 10, contestant Priyanka Jagga was often seen fighting and poking other housemates. Everything was still acceptable until one fateful week when she lost all control. Apparently, she was sick when she constantly hurled the most spiteful and hate-ridden remarks at her fellow housemates. Contestants called her out; Bigg Boss warned her, but she didn’t stop. Housemate Lopa Mudra Raut also broke down hearing Priyanka make filthy comments about her.

In the weekend episode, Priyanka continued speaking arrogantly, even with Salman Khan when the actor ousted her for her problematic behaviour. He even warned Colors TV that he’d stop engaging with the channel if Priyanka graced any of its shows, ever.

3. When Salman Khan lashed at Siddharth Dey over his misogynistic remarks on Shehnaaz Gill.

Bigg Boss 13 was all about fights and drama. While the season got famous for its epic rivalries, contestants often lost their temper and hurled really filthy remarks at each other. One such episode was when housemate Siddharth Dey made nasty comments about Shehnaaz Gill during a task. Apparently, Shehnaaz was only trying to irritate Siddharth when the scriptwriter got furious and made problematic comments about Shehnaaz’s character.

In the weekend episode, Salman got pissed, and rightly so. He was even more shocked and exasperated to see Siddharth trying to defend his misogynistic comments and asked him to STFU.

4. When Salman slammed Abhijit Bichukale on his abusive behaviour.

In BB 15, Abhijit Bichukale, a politician and popular Marathi TV personality, entered as a wild card contestant. While he seemed entertaining with his clueless behaviour, over-the-top predictions, and his fascination to become the PM of India, things went awry when Bichukale turned on his abusive mode.

Salman called him out quite a few times over his arrogant behaviour. Once, the actor lost his cool. He said, “Warning de raha hun. Mid-week aake nikaalke jaunga yahan se. Baal pakad ke.” Angry, Bichukale stormed out of the living room, stating he didn’t want to be a part of the show.

5. When Salman famously lashed out at Kushal Tandon over his problematic demeanour with Tanisha Mukerji.

In Bigg Boss 6, Gauahar Khan and Tanisha Mukerji were famous arch-rivals. By default Gauahar’s then-BFF and love interest also took to disliking Tanisha. Once, there was a task where a bunch of housemates were supposed to stay inside a box for as long as possible. The ones outside had to try and get them out. During that task, Kushal got really aggressive with Tanisha and spoke demeaning stuff.

That weekend, Salman brutally lashed at Kushal on his problematic behaviour. He even slammed other housemates, especially female contestants, who were mute spectators and didn’t call out Kushal’s offensive comments against another woman.

6. When Salman Khan grilled Rakhi’s former husband over his peak male entitlement.

After months of mystery, Rakhi Sawant grabbed entertainment headlines when she revealed the face of her husband, Ritesh Singh, in Bigg Boss 14. However, things soon went awry when the show gave the audience a peak into the couple’s equation. Their conversations reflected how Ritesh wanted to control Rakhi. He was also seen repeatedly dissing his own wife. Once, he even lashed at Rakhi in front of the entire house.

In the weekend episode following that incident, Salman slammed Ritesh over his entitled demeanour. He told him that India knows him cos of his wife. He even questioned Rakhi why she was tolerating it. The actor also threatened him. He said, “Bigg Boss ke ghar mein, ya apne ghar mein, Rakhi se aisi batameezi se baat ki…toh aapke liye acha nahi hoga.”

7. That time when Salman lashed at Arshi Khan for provoking Vikas Gupta to an extent that he pushed her into the pool.

One viral incident from Bigg Boss 14 was when Vikas Gupta pushed Arshi Khan in the swimming pool out of frustration. Apparently, Arshi was constantly pestering Vikas, and the producer lost control when she made comments about his mother. Soon after the incident, Vikas was ejected from the house cos of physical violence. However, the entire debacle remained unresolved until Salman Khan lashed at Arshi Khan for her provoking behaviour.

He grilled her for her comments on Vikas’s mother and claimed he would have done the same thing had somebody brought his mother in a tiff.

8. Salman’s gradual irritation with Swami Om’s highly peculiar and shoddy behaviour.

Swami Om was one of the most peculiar contestants to have graced Bigg Boss. The self-styled Godman was often seen involved in weird gimmicks and publicity stunts that were funny but problematic most of the time.

During the course of his controversial stint in Bigg Boss 10, Salman often lost his cool with Swami’s behaviour. He warned, taunted, and even scolded him multiple times, but to no avail. Eventually, he was thrown out of the house after he threw his urine on Bani J.

9. Salman Khan’s fierce outburst at Zubair Khan.

Salman’s outburst at Zubair Khan in Bigg Boss 11 was supremely fierce. At the beginning of the season itself, the actor was immensely pissed at Zubair’s foul language and demeaning comments about women. While criticizing him, the actor called him a ‘nalla don.’ He also said he’d make a dog out of him.

10. That time when Salman Khan got irritated with Shehnaaz Gill’s behaviour.

Shehnaaz Gill has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most popular contestants in the history of Bigg Boss. During her season, Salman often praised Shehnaaz for always showcasing her entertaining and candid self. However, in one Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman got immensely frustrated with her kiddish behaviour.

Apparently, housemates had to name the more-jealous contestant between Shehnaaz and Mahira. While the majority of contestants called her slightly insecure, Shehnaaz broke down on Sidharth Shukla’s turn. She even spoke disrespectfully to Salman when the actor lost his cool. He lashed out at Shehnaaz. Later, he entered the house and explained to her that she needed to change her stubborn attitude.

Which one do you remember?