Imagining Bigg Boss 16 without fights is like hoping for the sun to rise from the west. Quite impossible and boring, TBH! However, what is truly possible is for the hyperactive BB 16 contestants to make mountains out of a molehill. To stretch a non-issue so much that it becomes an issue.

Don’t believe me? Here are 10 times Bigg Boss 16 contestants created a ruckus in the house for nothing.

1. When Sumbul and other housemates protested against Archana for making morning tea in peace.

Bigg Boss 16 contestants Archana Gautam Sumbul Touqeer
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Now we know Archana is quite rebellious. But poking her while she was silently making her tea on a vacant gas was weird. Here’s a flashback to yesterday’s episode. Archana was making her tea in peace without disturbing Nimrit on her breakfast duty. Captains Sumbul and Soundarya asked her to leave the kitchen until breakfast was made, to which she disagreed. Sumbul got so pissed that she began turning off the gas stove and kept poking Archana repeatedly until Nimrit decided to pause breakfast for some time.

2. That time when Nimrit got triggered by Shiv — rightfully — calling her out for checking his room without even asking.

BB 16 Nimrit
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This happened when Gautam and Nimrit were friends, and he became the second captain of the house. She couldn’t find the packet of rice belonging to her room, so she began checking other rooms with Gautam on her side without asking the roommates’ permission. She found the packet in her room eventually. When Shiv cordially tried to call it out, Nimrit got pissed and had an emotional outbreak.

3. When MC Stan began cussing Shalin without any provocation.

bigg boss 16 fights MC Stan Shalin Bhanot fight
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One of the epic fights this season witnessed was the one between MC Stan and Shalin Bhanot. Truth be told, the fight was more to do with Stan releasing his pent-up frustration than their mutual concern for Tina. Backing Stan, Shiv also joined the aggressive exchange, and chaos followed.

4. Post MC Stan & Shalin’s fight, Priyanka had a long outburst concerning her safety inside the house when the ruckus was nowhere related to her.

Bigg Boss 16 Priyanka Chahar Choudhary
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After the fierce exchange between Shalin, Stan, and Shiv, Priyanka took a strong stand against MC Stan and Shiv for getting violent. Calling them gundas, she ranted in lengths against their demeanour in the aggressive exchange. Housemates, Bigg Boss, and even Salman Khan bashed her for worsening an already vulnerable situation.

5. That time when housemates bashed, cornered, and provoked Archana only for saying that she’d do her duty at her own pace.

BB 16 Archana Gautam moments
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Archana is infamous for rebelling against any and every captaincy. Frustrated with her antics, once, every housemate cornered her for literally saying that she’d do her cleaning duty on her own time. Four guys picked her lying on her mattress and put it on the floor. Others opened her personal bags and spread all her clothes inside the circular cell.

6. That time when Shiv unnecessarily entered a fight and provoked Archana by dragging her personal life in between.

Bigg Boss 16 Archana Shiv fight
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That aggressive exchange between Archana and Shiv is one of the highlight moments of BB 16. Archana had requested Shiv to not drag her personal life and political affiliation inside the house. Realizing her trigger point, Shiv purposely entered into a fight with Archana and provoked the latter. As a result, Archana became violent and got dismissed from the house.

7. When Priyanka took Archana’s casual remark way too seriously.

BB 16 emotional moments
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When Ankit became the raja of the house, he chose a mandli member over Soundarya as his favourite. When she questioned his decision, Archana wanted to give them space. She casually told Priyanka that Ankit would not be able to speak properly in front of her. This triggered her, and she had an emotional outburst. Later she admitted that she took a small statement way too seriously.

8. When Tina misheard Archana and lashed out at her for no reason.

Bigg Boss 16 Tina Datta
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During the ration task of Shiv’s captaincy, several housemates unnecessarily cornered Archana for provoking a fellow contestant. When Archana was justifying that she was nowhere at fault, Tina misheard her sadakchap comment. She lashed out at Archana, calling her and her family sadakchap. She also told this to other housemates.

9. That time when Shiv took Soundarya’s stance for her vegan food to another tangent.

Bigg Boss 16 Soundarya Sharma on vegan food
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Soundarya’s food habits have often become a point of discussion in the house. Recently, Soundarya argued that tofu is not a choice but her only option for protein intake since she can’t have chicken or paneer. Shiv vehemently disagreed, stating that the entire house has the right to tofu. He also accused her of being dramatic.

10. That time when Archana unnecessarily enacted and provoked Priyanka during the weekly bulletin with Shekhar Suman.

BB 16 Archana Priyanka fight
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We all know Archana is very particular about food and kitchen. During the earlier weeks, Archana had expressed concerns about the way Priyanka made dough. However, out of habit, she stretched her stance way too far when she taunted and enacted Priyanka in front of Shekhar Suman. This triggered a bitter row between the two.

Tell us about the fight you found the most useless inside the BB house.

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