Bigg Boss 16 continues to satiate our needs for drama and entertainment. The show so far has got everything right, be it romance or wild fights. The atmosphere of the BB house has kept us glued to our screens, and we cannot wait to watch what happens next. Every season comes with truckloads of fights, but only some seem to stay with us. Remember when Pooja said, “Do not tell me what to do”, and till today, it lives in our head rent-free!

Well, Bigg Boss 16 is no different, and we have picked some of the wildest fights of the season for you. So read on to stay updated with all the fights that have happened in the BB house.

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1. When Archana injured Shiv during a fight.

This feud is the most massive fight we have witnessed in the BB house. Archana has been hiding some of the rations like sugar and tissue papers. As other housemates get to know about this, everyone confronts Archana that she doesn’t have the authority to do it. However, things turn bad as between all this, Shiv and Archana’s fight gets physical. She tries to choke him with her hands and ends up hurting Shiv. Now, this has led to her eviction from the BB house.

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2. When Nimrit lost her temper and called Priyanka a b*tch.

Food is the next big thing in the Bigg Boss house after romantic stories. Now, Nimrit and Priyanka are talking about food portions being unequally distributed to the housemates. This conversation only heats up as Nimrit calls Priyanka ‘cheap’ and hurls abuses at her. Here’s what happens next:

3. When Abdu gets pissed at Archana.

Abdu is the cutest and warmest contestant on the Bigg Boss house. It’s rare to see him sad or angry at any housemate but Archana irked him to the core. She calls out his captaincy and says he should be removed soon. Abdu tells Archana her tongue has become too long, and he will cut it and calls her stupid.

4. When Shalin and Tina saw a thunderstorm in their relationship.

If you watch the show, you’ll know the bond Tina and Shalin share. While most of us are rooting for their love story, the two once got into a huge fight. The bedroom allotment task created tension between them and they didn’t want to talk to each other forever.

5. When Archana and Gori got into multiple feuds.

The two seem to give each other tough competition when they get into a fight. Chuckles. Archana and Gori have fought multiple times in the BB house but these two were the wildest. They once fought for avocados and threw water at each other.

Next, we have Archana’s captaincy in the house and Gori made sure she would give her a hard time. We saw them getting into a verbal spat and abusing each other, it also somewhere led to physical violence.

6. When two of the coolest friends got into a fight.

I don’t know why, but the kitchen seems to be the war zone of the Bigg Boss house. Priyanka and Archana have been good friends since the show started. However, the BB house makes it easy for no one, the two fight in the kitchen. Here’s how things landed between them:

7. When Shalin and Gautam argued because of Sumbul.

Shalin and Gautam don’t really gel up well and always maintain a certain distance. But things turned bad when Gautam teased Sumbul, which later intensified into a massive feud between them. This also led to a discussion that if the contestants need Shalin’s permission to speak to Sumbul now.

We cannot wait to watch what happens next in the Bigg Boss house in the coming months.

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