One thing about Bigg Boss is that it will always find an audience, and it will always be relevant to a large group of people in India. Thanks to that fact, there will always be curiosity regarding the inner workings of show’s production etc. If you are also someone who wants to know the behind-the-scene, production secrets, you have come at the right place. Recently, we found a Reddit thread where a person on the Bigg Boss OTT 2 team did an AMA, and the answers are huge revelations.

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1. What does the team think of Salman? Does he treat his fellow colleagues well? 

Salman is really easy to work with considering his stardom. The man is extremely professional, means business, and delivers. I remember the season premiere, the guy didn’t take one single loo break between 4 in the evening to 1 in the night! NOT ONE! Same with the finale, jo start Kiya 3:30 ko, wahi tha until he announced the winner.

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2. What do you all do with the cooking utensils, crockery, those house decoration pieces after the show?

I think they give those things away to the needy.

3. You guys didn’t crop out Salman smoking. Was it a mistake or done to create hype?

That genuinely was a mistake lol.

4. Apart from Prize money, do contestants get money on weekly basis?

Yep they do.

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5. Are there cameras in smoking room and mics in loo?

No mics in the loo of course dude.

6. How much of an impact does Salman have when it comes to key decisions, like can he push the idea of eliminating a certain contestant if he doesn’t like him/her?

Salman cannot push the idea of eliminating contestants, he is the host. Whatever votes the contestant gets, their stay or removal depends on that.

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7. Why did Salman said that season will be remembered as Pooja Bhatt’s season, when everyone knows it clearly untrue?

I think it really will be remembered as PB’s season for older people, because they don’t know Youtubers. My mother herself didn’t know anybody apart from PB and Cyrus this season. My mum’s 58. So us hisaab se Salman was correct. 

8. Does the person who is the voice of big boss stays 24/7 on set and watches them?

No he doesn’t stay there day and night. He has his own timings of course, and yes he’s on the set. Great guy, super friendly and approachable.

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9. What’s the timing of you guys? Like when do u get to sleep and all??

Regarding us, we used to work in shifts, and some of us would also sleep on sets in the night to keep a watch on objectionable things that happen.

10. What is one thing you’d change about BB if you were in charge of directing any seasons in future?

I think I would remove censorship taaki sanje asli chehre saamne aaye. In logo ne boli Hui cheezein we censored because they could’ve caused disturbance. Toh fir honestly aise logo ko chahna bhi kyu agar wo itne radical views lekar chalte hain.

Second I’d do is hold a contest for the public whose winners would be allowed to visit the house and spend a night there in the final week. Usse the people will get a feel of what it is like to be in the house.

Third thing, I would totally totally get better sets and improve the work conditions for the staff there.

Credits: Telegraph

Wow, now that is legitimately a lot of information!