It’s that time of the year when the Indian audience gets glued to their television sets, spying on the lives of people locked up in a bigg house. Bigg Boss 10 is all set to roll out in a few weeks bursting with drama. The first promo of Bigg Boss season 10 is out and Salman Khan, in the appearance of an astronaut (why?) confirms that this season’s format is going to be very different.

Ragini Shetty was the only non-celebrity to enter the Bigg Boss house as a contestant. This was in season 1, way back in 2006, when Arshad Warsi was the host. Ever since, the show has always been about a madhouse of celebs.

b’Ragini Shetty in the first season of Bigg Boss sitting in the confession room’

Will the new format work? Only time will tell!